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Month April 2019

“Easter Worshippers?” Seriously?

The phrasing of statements from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has raised the interest and ire of many Christians. In response to the Sri Lanka massacre that targeted Churches and hotels on Easter morning, the two of them, instead of… Continue Reading →

The Medicare for All Bill Includes Free Abortions

Surprise, surprise. The latest bill that has become a popular banner for many Democrat presidential candidates to march under, including Senators Bernie Sanders Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren, is the Medicare-for-all bill. The bill would essentially… Continue Reading →

Why Tiger Is More than a Sports Story

It was impossible to be on the sidelines of a pee-wee ballfield or sitting side court at your daughter’s basketball game Sunday and not talk about the feat of Tiger Woods claiming his first major title in 11 years. It… Continue Reading →

A Few Thoughts on Notre Dame Cathedral

This just struck me when I saw it this morning. ABC News Headline: “Notre Dame: The national and architectural significance of the historic cathedral.” Me: Wow. National. Architectural. Historic. They do know it also had a little bit of religious… Continue Reading →

Vandal Removes Head from Virgin Mary Statue

This is no longer an anomaly. This is a trend. Expect it to get worse. KTLA: A search is underway Wednesday for whoever destroyed a statue at a Catholic church in Chino. Police were notified Monday morning after a statue… Continue Reading →

Twitter Hates You

I know you want Twitter to love you. You post all the time. You read it incessantly. You even got into a lengthy fake Twitter fight about whether Die Hard was a Christmas movie. They should love you. But here’s… Continue Reading →

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