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Month November 2022

Balenciaga Purposefully Misspelled Its Own Brand Name in Ad with Child to Make It “Baal” enciaga.

Nothing to see here, right folks? For those who don’t follow the demon world closely, BAAL is a major pagan deity that demanded child sacrifice. This sickness is prevalent in the halls of the elite. Remember, child sex trafficker Jeffrey… Continue Reading →

This is Not a National News Story.

What you have here is a local crime story. This does not fit the narrative so it will be ignored. Philadelphia is a war zone. Graphic video shows a criminal casually strolling up to a cop and shooting him in… Continue Reading →

Tucker: Apple, American Media are Covering for CCP

This is a horror. One, the American media ignores the tanks rolling in to quell protests. Two, Apple is actively aiding the CCP in tracking protesters. Tucker has the story:

“Respect for Marriage Act” Passes Senate. This is an Attack on Religious Liberty and the Church.

The Senate on Tuesday passed the Respect for Marriage Act. Let’s just go over how disingenuous this bill actually is. It claims to codify same-sex and interracial marriages. The question is, of course, who the hell is coming after interracial… Continue Reading →

Less than half of the population of England and Wales now describes itself as Christian for the first time. Shamanism, Paganism Rising.

New data from the 2021 census shows that England is quickly morphing into a godless hellhole with few or zero redeeming features, other than John Cleese. OK, the census didn’t exactly say that but…it pretty much said that. The Daily… Continue Reading →

Pope Francis just said he won’t comment on unborn children as ‘persons’

Semantics! The favorite game of Jesuits. LifeSiteNews.com: In a new interview with America Magazine, Pope Francis upheld the humanity of our unborn brothers and sisters but refused to say that they were, well, people. “Therefore, there is a living human… Continue Reading →

Woke Disney Movie Bombs!

It’s “Get Woke. Go Broke” being played out for all to see. And it’s not that people hate gays as some in the media are suggesting. It’s because when the point of a movie is the progressive cause, the quality… Continue Reading →

WaPo Reviewer Adores New Play About Pedos.

Yeah, about that slippery slope thing. It turns out we’re in free fall. Here’s some snippets from the review of a play about a group of pedos living in a halfway house of some sort. Take a deep breath and… Continue Reading →

Amazing Video. NYPD Officers and Bystander Save Man Who Fell on Subway Tracks Just as Train Approaches.

Wow. Thank God for these men who literally jumped into harm’s way to save a man who accidentally fell onto the tracks. When the officer hops back up on the platform you can see the oncoming train. So close. Reportedly,… Continue Reading →

Maybe This NBC Reporter Doesn’t Know What Grooming Means?

This is a perfect self own by a clueless NBC “journalist.” Um. Yeah. That’s kinda’ the point of grooming. The only funny part of this is that these dimwit collectivists consider themselves “elite.” HT Libs of Tik Tok.

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