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Month November 2012

America Finally Winning Its War on Babies

America is finally winning its war on babies. And victory may finally be at hand. If one looks at America’s actions since the Supreme Court declared war on babies about 40 years ago it’s apparent that this country sees babies… Continue Reading →

Save The ‘Stache

I hope Patrick Madrid doesn’t watch this!! ht Rachel At Testosterhome *subhead*Man stuff.*subhead*

The Ultimate Sniper Rifle – No Skill Required

Somebody has gone and invented a sniper rifle that can laser tag and track a target that can give a total amateur first shot accuracy from a mile away. On the one hand this is very very cool. On the… Continue Reading →

# Baby Name Fail

Whatever happened to naming your babies after saints? But never mind that, please don’t name your kid after a popular trend that’s going to need an explanation in a decade. According to news reports, a British mom has named her… Continue Reading →

The Coop

I have been looking at different coop/run designs for some time and I think that I leaning heavily to building some variant of this design. This is the Wichita Cabin Coop from the Baldessari clan over at Backyard Chickens. I… Continue Reading →

The Only College Club that Needs a Safety Word

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to go to Harvard. The ivy league school is set to approve a Bondage, Dominance and Sadomasochism student club. Unsure if it’s bring your own whips or not or whether they’re provided. College… Continue Reading →

The Milk Of Human Kindness

An anonymous act of human kindness on the streets of New York was captured on film by a visiting tourist. A simple, yet humbling act of human kindness that has already warmed the feet of a cold homeless man and… Continue Reading →

Brit NHS Systematically Starving Babies To Death

Remember at the opening of the Olympics when we got to watch a whole show celebrating the British National Health Service as a model of compassion. Then we got to listen to progressives tell us how much more civil and… Continue Reading →

Washington Ditches “Husband” and “Wife” on Marriage Certificates

Is this really what we’ve come to? Oh yeah, we’ve actually been heading there for a while and the people of Washington just voted themselves there. The Washington state Health Department will be changing marriage and divorce certificates in response… Continue Reading →

Oops. Princeton Says Global Warming Data Was Wrong

Hey remember all that science that said we’re all doomed in the next twenty or thirty years because of global warming and the sea rising and the glaciers melting. Well, not so much. New science seems to be upsetting calculations… Continue Reading →

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