Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to go to Harvard. The ivy league school is set to approve a Bondage, Dominance and Sadomasochism student club. Unsure if it’s bring your own whips or not or whether they’re provided.

College Insurrection reports:

It started last October with a meal in Currier dining hall with a handful of friends who shared something in common: an affinity for kinky sex.

More than a year after the group first began informally meeting over meals to discuss issues and topics relating to kinky sex, Harvard College Munch has grown from seven to about 20 members and is one of 15 student organization that will be approved by the Committee on Student Life this Friday.

Hilariously, the leader of the group that’s receiving official recognition from the university wanted to remain anonymous in an article about it that appeared in the Harvard Crimson.

OK. Creepiest part of the article for me is when “Michael” drops this quote on us:

“It’s a little hyperbolic for me to get teary-eyed and paternal about sophomores, but it’s really a joy to see the experience they will have now,” Michael said.

I get a little weirded out when sadomasochists get teary eyed about seeing others experience “joy.”

What is Harvard thinking? Haven’t Harvard men been emasculated enough already?

Wait, is this what they meant by the “safe sex” they’re always talking about? I for one will never be able to think of the Winklevoss twins the same way.

But in the end I figure Harvard grads have been torturing us for a long time. Maybe it’s about time they started torturing each other.

I’m wondering if you can you get a scholarship for this? Do you get assigned a safety word on your student i.d.?

This may completely change the tenor of application essays.

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