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Month June 2013

We’re Not Called to Win Arguments, We’re Called to Love

The battles over gay marriage are intense. And bitter. One must only look at the comboxes of Catholic blogs and websites to understand that. I have taken part in bitter debates as well. I probably shouldn’t even call them debates… Continue Reading →

National Cathedral in D.C. Pealed Bells Yesterday for Gay Marriage Decision

The National Cathedral in Washington D.C. pealed its bells for an hour yesterday in celebration of the Supreme Court’s gay marriage decisions. Christian News reports: Dean Gary Hall issued a statement yesterday praising the court for its ruling, and explaining… Continue Reading →

Hey Remember When Polygamy Had Nothing to do with Gay Marriage? Yeah Well…

Traditional marriage advocates have long argued that once you establish that marriage is simply a contract between consenting adults, polygamy is a necessary logical outgrowth. And every time we attempted to raise this point, others explained to us to shutup…. Continue Reading →

Vatican official arrested in alleged $26M corruption plot

Pope Francis better get crackin’ on cleaning out the Vatican Bank. How many more Monsignor Nunzio Scaranos are there? So not helping. VATICAN CITY A Vatican official already under investigation in a purported money-laundering plot involving the Vatican bank was… Continue Reading →

Science And Abortion

Alex B. Berezow at Real Clear Science makes a case that science cannot really answer the abortion debate. But conservatives are making the case that an abortion after 20 weeks should not be allowed because some embryological evidence indicates the… Continue Reading →

Andrew Sullivan on CNN: Jesus is Weeping for Joy” Over Court’s Gay Marriage Decision

Wow. Andrew Sullivan said on CNN that Jesus is sooooooo pro-gay marriage that He’s weeping for joy over the Supreme Court’s decision. It’s amazing to me how often Sullivan believes Jesus agrees with him. He said, “I think Jesus is… Continue Reading →

T-Shirt Message

Regarding message t-shirts, usually I either: a) don’t notice or b) am annoyed. Frequently, they are badges that the wearer is president of the nerd patrol. But I saw this on someone in the supermarket last night and it got… Continue Reading →

Columnist: Cross on Pitchers Mound Violates Separation of Church and State

A cross scraped into the pitcher’s mound at St. Louis Cardinal’s Busch Stadium has one columnist screaming about the separation of Church and state. Huh? David Brown, a sports columnist for Yahoo Sports actually wrote the following: Religious references are… Continue Reading →

Our Destruction: Tactics And Goals

Obama let us know everything we need to know about the future of the gay marriage debate and its ultimate purpose yesterday. The goal of this gay marriage debate is about power pure and simple. And there is one institution… Continue Reading →

My First Big Day Out

My daughter is thirteen. And she seems like a pretty mature thirteen although to be honest I don’t hang out with that many thirteen year olds. My wife said the other day that she think that our thirteen year old… Continue Reading →

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