Regarding message t-shirts, usually I either: a) don’t notice or b) am annoyed. Frequently, they are badges that the wearer is president of the nerd patrol. But I saw this on someone in the supermarket last night and it got me thinking. 
God’s own divine life is the energy which transforms us from falleness, from our more beastly tendencies of lust, greed, violence and all the personal and public vices of which we are so aware. And God’s presence is the source of that divine life, like electricity is the energy that makes a light bulb radiant according to its own nature. If people do not not ask for this divine life in the sacraments and prayer, why are we surprised that people are unraveling spiritually and acting accordingly? Why are we surprised that people are becoming bearers of darkness instead of light?
*subhead*God’s Own Life is the Remedy.*subhead*