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Month September 2015

Whoa! HuffPo Completely Loses It over Pope’s Kim Davis Visit

The HuffPo is shocked, shocked I say to discover the pope might be Catholic! One of the Huffington Post’s Gay writer (is that redundant?) completely melts down over the alleged meetup between Pope Francis and Kim Davis. She calls Pope… Continue Reading →

An Open Letter to My Children, You’re Not That Great

You’ve got to read this. You have to. It’s funny. It’s perfect. I love you each. You’re funny. And talented. But as I sit in this dance recital I am holding a foster baby that is in our home for… Continue Reading →

Pope Calls Politician “Pretend Catholic.”

Who is he to judge? He’s the pope yo’. That’s who. Let’s bring this more ornery pope back to America. We’ve got plenty of pretend Catholic politicians over here. AFP: Pope Francis raised eyebrows in Italy on Tuesday by slapping… Continue Reading →

Report: Pope Met With Kim Davis

If reports are true, this is good news. I wish it had been public, but I’ll take what I can get. It is, at the least. recognition by the pontiff of what the faithful are up against. Kim Davis, the… Continue Reading →

Funny Stuff. Daylight Saving Movie Trailer

Thanks, once again, to Sherry Antonetti for sending this to me. This is made by very funny people with entirely too much time on their hands. *subhead*Funny.*subhead*

The Most Hilarious Headlines About the Pope’s Visit

“A Catholic Nun-Turned-Lesbian Mom Reflects on Seeing Pope Francis at the White House” -(HuffPo.) Good to see they’re broadening their readership. I mean, who can’t relate to being a Catholic nun turned lesbian Mom? “Donald Trump: I’d talk to Pope… Continue Reading →

Bishop Fellay To Pope On Marriage

Wow. This is terrific, respectful but plain. This letter from the Superior General to Pope Francis on Marriage. It is outstanding. Big ht to Rorate Caeli. Would that we had 100 Bishops with the courtesy, courage, and clarity of Bishop… Continue Reading →

This is Kinda’ Weird, Right? A Little?

A pro-abortion congressman is treating the water glass Pope Francis used a little weirdly, if you ask me. The fact that he did the same thing with Obama’s water glass might tell you all you need to know. The Daily… Continue Reading →

Secret Confessions of Surrogate Mothers

*subhead*Not just buns in the oven.*subhead* The Catholic Church is perceived to be anti-science. That perception is completely false, of course. The Church is one of the few institutions left that actually looks at human biology and acknowledges the facts…. Continue Reading →

Just After Pope Francis Leaves, Obama Warns Christians Gay Rights More Important than Religious Freedom

Just in case, you got caught up in Pope Francis espousing the importance of religious freedom or mistook Obama’s words in support of religious to mean what he actually said, he cleared that all up for you last night at… Continue Reading →

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