A pro-abortion congressman is treating the water glass Pope Francis used a little weirdly, if you ask me. The fact that he did the same thing with Obama’s water glass might tell you all you need to know.

The Daily Mail sums it up:

Holy water: Congressman steals Pope Francis’ glass after White House address to sip remaining liquid with his wife – and then saves some to sprinkle on his grandchildren

Representative Bob Brady, a devout Catholic and Democrat from Pennsylvania took Pope Francis’ water glass on Thursday

After Pope Francis addressed congress, Rep. Brady made his way to the podium to get the leftover liquid so he could drink it
He also shared the water with his wife Debra and his staff, and plans to use the rest to sprinkle on his grandchildren

Brady poured the liquid into the mouths of others rather than letting them hold the glass and had his staff send out the photos

He did the same thing at President Obama’s inauguration with his water glass

Brady also plans to have police dust the cup for fingerprints to prove it was used by Pope Francis

Instead of treating the pope’s drink as holy water maybe he should listen to what the Church teaches about the sanctity of life. Just a thought.

Update: Sherry Antonetti has some awesome fun with this story. I hate it when other bloggers are funnier than me.

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