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Two Amazingly Different Reactions to Lourdes from Two Famous Atheists

I feel no need to deconstruct things or examine the gears of the world. I’m not a science guy. I’m a man very comfortable with miracles. My kids in science class ask me why the magnet sticks to the refrigerator… Continue Reading →

Actress Warns of Intolerance Against Conservatives, Immediately Fired from The Mandalorian

Tolerance. Actress Gina  Carano of the Mandalorian  warned about intolerance of others with a different  political point of view. She was immediately fired.   The Wrap:  Gina Carano has been dropped from “The Mandalorian” after the actress posted comments Lucasfilm… Continue Reading →

Director Joss Whedon Mocked Actress’ Catholic Faith and Urged Abortion

Actress Charisma Carpenter of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame is detailing years of “hostile” abuse at the hands of Director Joss Whedon who berated her for her Catholic faith and clearly urged her to get an abortion. On top of… Continue Reading →

NY AG Sues Pro-Lifers for ‘Threatening, Harassing’ NYC Clinic Patients. Here We Go…

It seems to me that most of what the attorney general of New York is accusing pro-lifers of doing is already illegal. Pushing people? Hitting people? Slamming doors on their  hands?  I think that’s all illegal,  amiright?  Why not simply… Continue Reading →

WaPo Columnist Compares Republicans Who Shoveled Her Driveway to Terrorists.

 This is insane. And probably pretty common sadly. Virginia Heffernan of the Washington Post is confused and outraged because her Trump supporting neighbors shoveled her driveway. So, of course, she compares them to terrorists in a national publication. I mean,… Continue Reading →

Is Anyone Listening to Dr. Fauxi Anymore?

 Months ago, Dr. Fauxi told us that there was no reason to walk around with a mask on. Then he admitted he lied to us for our own good and said that masks should essentially be mandatory. Last week, Fauxi… Continue Reading →

AP: Hey, Remember that Evil Treasonous Riot. Totally Christians.

Ah. This is clever. First, allege that the riot on Capitol Hill was the worst and most violent thing to happen in the history of the country. Call it evil. Call it traitorous. Now, link the riot to Christians. The… Continue Reading →

So, It Turns Out Hydroxycholorquine Works. Sorry About Those Thousands Dead. But Hey, Trump Lost!!!

The American Journal of Medicine published a study affirming the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid. Whoops! Oh, and Facebook now admits it was a “mistake” to censor posts about the drug that could’ve saved hundreds of thousands of lives. One… Continue Reading →

Serve God, Defend Life, and Piss off the Left. Win/Win/Win

Every year, the MSM downplays the number of people who March for Life. Lets all log in to the virtual March for Life and show the world a number they cant ignore!!! Just for funzies, we can compare that number… Continue Reading →

Big Tech Doesn’t Like Us and It Will Never Be Our Friend

 As a Gospel-believing, unborn-baby-loving, traditional-marriage advocate who will tell anyone and everyone that there are two sexes and only two sexes, I’ll admit it’s gotten a little embarrassing that I haven’t been kicked off Facebook yet. It’s starting to make… Continue Reading →

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