As a Gospel-believing, unborn-baby-loving, traditional-marriage advocate who will tell anyone and everyone that there are two sexes and only two sexes, I’ll admit it’s gotten a little embarrassing that I haven’t been kicked off Facebook yet.

It’s starting to make me look bad. In fact, I’m starting to wonder if this may work against me getting into Heaven. To be fair, the ad for my pro-life novel American Antigone did get banned during the election but that’s not nearly as illustrious as personally getting kicked off. 

The 2020/2021 Big Tech purge has been historic and I’m feeling left out. All across the large social media platforms, users guilty of wrongthink have been censored, shadow-banned or demonetized.

Many times over the past year I’ve logged onto social media and a “friend” announces “I’m back!” They explain they’d been banned by Big Tech for three days or a week. I usually “like” their post and maybe comment by welcoming them back with a snarky remark about the state of cancel culture. But the truth is, I most likely hadn’t even noticed they were gone. It makes me wonder about the sorry state of the term “friend” in our culture.

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