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Month March 2015

Saying Goodbye To The National Catholic Register

It is with some regret that I must inform you that my employment as a contributing blogger at the National Catholic Register has been terminated. Yup, they fired me. I am grateful for the five years I spent as a… Continue Reading →

Doubling Down On Stupid

I have no way of knowing whether the highly specific and alarming accusations against recently appointed Juan Barros Bishop of Osorno, in Chile, are true. But I can say with certainty that his appointment over the objections of so many… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Chaput: ‘Current White House May Be Least Friendly to Religious Concerns in Our History’

CNS News reports that Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia told a number of seminarians that “the current White House may be the least friendly to religious concerns in our history.” But the problem isn’t just this administration. He also… Continue Reading →

New and Awesome: Abortion Spas

Ok. It’s official. They’re desperate. An abortion spa. It’s kinda’ hilarious in that they say that they want to be upfront and aggressive in pushing the word “abortion” but really everything they’re doing with their comfortable robes and hot teas… Continue Reading →

The Coming Schism Or The One Already Here?

Everybody is so worried by what the trads will do in the wake of mercy-palooza that they fail to see the schism already here. Please read my latest at the Register The Schism Nobody Sees Coming Link. Share. Love. You… Continue Reading →

No Murder Charge in Case of Baby Cut from Womb

So intent on refusing to acknowledge life in the womb, idiot liberals refuse to charge a woman who cut a baby out of a mother’s womb with murder. Fox13 reports: A former nurse’s aide will not face murder charges for… Continue Reading →

But Don’t Worry. None of the $1.5 Billion Paid for Abortions

And yes, you’re supposed to believe that even though Planned Parenthood received at least $1.5 billion over three years none of it went to pay for abortions. But how do we know, might a cynical and suspicious pro-life weirdo might… Continue Reading →

Best Breakfast Commercial Ever!!

I love this. Egg McMuffin as Stalinist/Orwellian bread line. Good job Taco Bell. Awesome. Still, the sausage McGriddle shows the genius of the free market. *subhead*Cool.*subhead*

Kids With and Without Down Syndrome Answer the Same Questions

This is wonderful. If the girl with the headband doesn’t make you smile ear to ear there’s something missing in your soul department. HT The Mighty To celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, siblings Lauren and Paul Costabile produced the short… Continue Reading →

Oh No! Robots May Some Day Treat Humans Like Dogs

Let’s face it, these “scientists” probably don’t really like humans all that much and they seem to be taking some joy at the prospect of humans being treated like dogs. The Daily Mail: Robots will use humans as pets once… Continue Reading →

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