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Month July 2022

Soccer Player Refuses to Wear Pride Jersey. The World Freaks Out.

Remember when they said that all they wanted was tolerance? Yeah, it seems that’s not enough. You must now celebrate their choice. Or else. A woman on the ironically named team “North Carolina COURAGE” is refusing to play for her… Continue Reading →

Funny. Justice Alito Mocks Prince Harry’s Criticism of Abortion Decision. “Really Wounded Me.”

Pretty funny. He also took a shot at Boris Johnson. The one thing the left can’t stand is being mocked and made to feel irrelevant. Alito does both here. Good for him. Yahoo: Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito for the… Continue Reading →

How Many Words Are We Going to Change?

Fetus. Human. Woman. Recession. These are just some of the words the left is changing before our eyes. The dictionary is supposed to describe reality. The left uses it to distort and change reality. I’m not even talking about the… Continue Reading →

Just 9% of Catholics Have a Clear Understanding of the Church’s Stance on Abortion

What about “thou shalt not kill” is unclear? Check out this report from EWTN. It’s clear that the more you attend Mass the more of the faith you understand. But there’s so many self professed Catholics who don’t understand the… Continue Reading →

Oh. I Don’t Like This At All. Scientists Reanimate Dead Spiders as Robot Gripping Claws.

Not good. Not good at all. I can handle a robot apocalypse but I don’t need it looking all spidery. No. No way. Arrest these people at once https://t.co/jyZ5cLHNlj — Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸 (@JackPosobiec) July 29, 2022

Believe Women…Unless They Say They’re Not Comfortable with Men in Women’s Locker Rooms

The people who say they’re all for women can’t even use the term anymore. That should tell you something about how strong their commitment is to…um…those who shall remain nameless. NY Post: A former college swimmer who has been outspoken… Continue Reading →

Democrat Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries Calls Pro-Life Americans “The Threat In This Country”

What do you do to threats? Seriously, what do you do? What level of violence can be used to take care of the greatest threats in this country? Once you label a group of people a threat, they must be… Continue Reading →

Electric Bus Catches Fire, officials say lithium ion battery fires hard to put out, continually reignite!!!

Thank goodness it was environmentally friendly. The Blaze: An electric bus caught fire Saturday morning in the parking lot of the CT Transit Bus Depot in Hamden, Connecticut, according to a Facebook post from the Hamden Fire Department. What are… Continue Reading →

Kat Von D, the tattoo artist reality show celebrity who looks like if Elvira and Morticia Adams had a baby, has closed her famous tattoo shop, moved out of California to a farm in Indiana, and tossed all of the… Continue Reading →

Democrats’ Star Witness in Abortion Hearing Is a Furry and an Instagram Witch

You may or may not know that the Democrats are pretty unhappy that Roe v. Wade has been overturned. There’s been a lot of looks like this recently: And the Democrats are hoping to stoke that fire because they want… Continue Reading →

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