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Month August 2013

Wait. Is It a Selfie If You Don’t Take It?

It’s being reported pretty much everywhere that Pope Francis just posed for the first selfie. Here it is: But is it a “selfie” if you don’t take it yourself? The Urban Dictionary states that a “selfie” is “A picture taken… Continue Reading →

I’ll Take These Singing Nuns Over These

Yes. Not so much. *subhead*Contrast.*subhead*


This story makes me sad. Church progressives and the liberal press using a 100 year old nun to push for female ordination. A Chicago nun is celebrating her 100th birthday today — but there’s something missing. Ever since she was… Continue Reading →

The Smallest Catholic Church in the World and the Amazing Story Behind It

Built in the early 1900’s by a poor sugar farmer named Anthony Gullo after he prayed to the Virgin Mary for the successful recovery of his eldest son, mass is held in the Madonna Chapel just once a year on… Continue Reading →

The Beard!

I have had some facial hair for probably 60% of my adult life. Most of the time my beard has been a trimmed van dyke (goatee). Every once in a while I grow a full beard, but still keep it… Continue Reading →

Ugh. Iowa Dems Pray for Abortion Rights on Video

Iowa Democrat gubernatorial candidates join abortion activists in prayer for increased abortion access. “We pray for women who’ve been made afraid of their own power by their paternalistic religion.” They pray for the “blessing of choice.” This is truly sick…. Continue Reading →

How Dads Show Love

My wife and I just had our 16th wedding anniversary. My kids were making fun of me about how often I underwhelm on these big days. The card and the flowers aren’t all that impressive, I guess. But my wife… Continue Reading →

Whoa! 96 Year Old Widower Enters Song about Wife Into Contest. Tears Ensue

This is just amazing. A 96-year-old widower named Fred saw a songwriting contest being advertised in the local newspaper and so he wrote some lyrics about his wife who’d just passed away. The studio which was receiving all sorts of… Continue Reading →

School Says Cheerleader Outfits too Skimpy for Class

A number of schools in Florida are banning their own cheerleader uniforms from class, because the outfits are too skimpy and don’t live up to the schools’ dress codes, according to The Daily Caller. At Gibbs (High School), cheerleaders have… Continue Reading →

Our Foregin Policy In a Nutshell

Statement of Foreign Policy. Dear Tyrant, Please stick to approved methods of slaughtering your people. If you use unapproved methods of slaughtering your people, we will conduct telegraphed brief and limited military action that will NOT be targeted at the… Continue Reading →

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