This story makes me sad.

Church progressives and the liberal press using a 100 year old nun to push for female ordination.

A Chicago nun is celebrating her 100th birthday today — but there’s something missing.

Ever since she was 10 years old, Sister Vivian Ivantic has wanted to become a Catholic priest.

Ivantic joined the Benedictines when she was 20 years old and since then, she’s been hoping for a change in the Catholic Church’s policy toward female ordination.

“We need women in church offices,” Ivantic told The Chicago Tribune. “It won’t come in my lifetime, but it will come.”

Ivantic argues that women have held important roles in the Church for a long time, as teachers, nurses and social workers. In her own lifetime, she’s seen women gain footholds in politics and in the workplace. She thinks it is time for a change in the Church, as well.

“I think the American church is outstanding,” Ivantic said. “But I’m waiting for women’s ordination.”

I can’t think of anything sadder than after 100 yrs with a Church that bears gift of the miraculous kind, the Church that introduced you to Christ, which provided you the sacraments, and directed you on the path to eternal salvation, still owes you something.