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Month February 2023

NYC Mayor Adams: “When We Took Prayer Out of School, Guns Came In.” Leftists Freak.

Whoa. Sanity in New York City? Politico: At an interfaith breakfast Tuesday, Mayor Eric Adams seemed to regret the landmark U.S. Supreme Court ruling that banned school-sponsored prayer in 1962. “When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into… Continue Reading →

The Religious Renaissance Begins in You.

We can not win this battle we find ourselves in through voting. No politician can save this country. Only a massive return to Christianity can save us. We must pray and evangelize through our lives and words. The left has… Continue Reading →

What Happened to This Tech?!!!

I’m still pretty ticked we didn’t get the flying cars and jetpacks. But never mind that. We had the tech to do this like 80 years ago and we didn’t do it? My son could really use this. To be… Continue Reading →

The Demonic Dutch Embryo Act Seeks to Balance Respect for Human Life with “Scientific Progress.”

We’re talking about the legal creation of chimeras and experimentation on human beings. I especially love the part where the bureaucrat defending the Act says we have to “strike a balance between respect for (incipient) human life on the one… Continue Reading →

US Gov’t Agency Concludes Covid Came from a Lab Leak.

Hey, wasn’t that supposed to be a conspiracy theory? I saw a meme on Facebook that said a conspiracy theory is the truth plus two months. Well, this one is taking a lot longer than two months to come out… Continue Reading →

Under Fire for Pro-Life Comments, Michigan Coach Jim Harbaugh Helps Police Clear Downed Tree

A police officer attempted to clear a road that was blocked by a massive downed tree. A man pulled over and helped him out moving the tree to clear a lane. It was Jim Harbaugh. In Ann Arbor last night:… Continue Reading →

Video: Dead Fish in East Palestine Water

None left but the dead ones. Over 40,000 fish and wildlife dead so far. Dead fish in the water of East Palestine. Resident says he spots 30-40 in the river a day, now there are none but dead ones. pic.twitter.com/JDlXlumGjq… Continue Reading →

DeSantis Seeks to Defund Planned Parenthood in Florida

So here’s the backstory. In 2016, Florida passed a law prohibiting state funds from going to Planned Parenthood. Some nutty judge predictably blocked them, ruling that since Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and abortion is a… Continue Reading →

No Free Speech for You. That’s Only for Real Grown Up Journalists.

Who cares what Joe Scarborough says, amirite? It’s only important in that it’s good to see the arguments the left is mounting. Be aware of what your enemy is doing. Scarborough is saying that the first amendment is outdated. This… Continue Reading →

God is Amazing. Ghostly Organisms in the Ocean Feast on Carbon and Save the Environment.

They are called Sea Salps or Jelly Plankton. They are nearly invisible and live in the ocean. The Discovery Institute: The Virginia Institute of Marine Science reports on a study led by Dr. Deborah Steinberg of William and Mary. Her… Continue Reading →

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