So here’s the backstory. In 2016, Florida passed a law prohibiting state funds from going to Planned Parenthood.

Some nutty judge predictably blocked them, ruling that since Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and abortion is a right the state government can’t do that. (Never mind the fact that PP says abortion is only 3% of what they do.)

But now, as you might recall, Roe is no longer the law of the land. No Mo’Roe. (Thank you DJT!) So the Attorney General of Florida is seeking to have the law put back on the books.

And today, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his strong support of defunding Planned Parenthood in Florida.

“The Office of Governor Ron DeSantis is fully behind this action from the Attorney General and we support this move to fully defund Planned Parenthood from any taxpayer support,” read a statement from the Governor’s office.

Let’s hope and pray that this happens. Planned Parenthood is evil. They should not receive a dime of public funding.

HT Hot Air