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Month March 2009

Fr. Barron on “Slumdog Millionaire”

Gimme That Ol’ Time Religion

I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I do so enjoy an ol’ fashioned fire and brimstone sermon. Week before last we had a visiting priest to our parish. I didn’t catch his name because we had… Continue Reading →

Matthews: Palin Was a Mail Order Bride

Nice guy, huh? Chris! The election’s been over. Why does he hate her so much? I understand why so many like her but I’m puzzled by the outrage this woman causes in people. HT Jammie Wearing Fool

War on Terror is Over?

Whoo-hoo. Look at that Obama go. I gotta’ admit I had my doubts but the dude did it. I’m on my third shot of some blue drink here and the victory parade is about to begin…When are you comin’ over?… Continue Reading →

Obama’s Scaring Me Off School Vouchers

I was always a big advocate for vouchers for education. Boy, was I wrong. What convinced me I was wrong? The news about President Obama and GM CEO Rick Wagoner. Rick Wagoner was the CEO of GM and was just… Continue Reading →

A Political Scandal I Don’t Care About

The latest scandal erupting all over the blogosphere seems to be concerning someone who might be Joe Biden’s daughter on videotape snorting cocaine last month. Some sweet guy who shot the video is marketing it around to the highest bidder…. Continue Reading →

Cardinal Speaks Out Against Notre Dame

Cardinal DiNardo has joined a number of bishops concerning Notre Dame’s invitation to President Obama, writing in his pastoral newsletter this weekend, according to Catholic News Agency: I find the invitation very disappointing. Though I can understand the desire by… Continue Reading →

Believe A Lie And People Die

As you may have heard, this past weekend the Green machine orchestrated its latest stunt, a global Earth Hour during which participants were asked to turn off all their lights. In his post on the topic, Matthew made fun of… Continue Reading →

Who Painted It?

After the reset button fiasco a few weeks ago, you would think that the protocol folks at Foggy Bottom would be a little more attentive to detail. You would be wrong. This is absolutely priceless. [CNA] During her recent visit… Continue Reading →

ND and Obama: “Make It An Opportunity”

I had the good fortune to attend the Illinois Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Chicago yesterday, where Bishop Morlino of Madison, Wisconsin was the keynote speaker. His talk was folksy and outspoken, yet with a good amount of depth on natural… Continue Reading →

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