The latest scandal erupting all over the blogosphere seems to be concerning someone who might be Joe Biden’s daughter on videotape snorting cocaine last month. Some sweet guy who shot the video is marketing it around to the highest bidder.

You mean someone at a drug party wasn’t a nice guy? Shock! The “anonymous male”, who shot the video, initially hoped to sell the video for $2 million but has since scaled it back to $400,000. Hey, the recession’s hitting everybody, buddy.

According to the Post, which did not purchase the video, the woman in the video did resemble Ashley Biden, 27, a social worker for a Delaware child-welfare agency.

But I’ve got to ask, who the heck would pay any amount of money for this? I hope nobody. I wouldn’t cross the street to see it. What social/political relevance does this have?

If there’s evidence, the law should treat her as it does everyone else but my earnest hope is that the press doesn’t pay a dime for this thing. If she’s found guilty, the department of social welfare would likely take action as well as her employer.

But if Joe Biden’s daughter is a coke fiend, what does that matter to me or the country? Many good parents have children who do dumb things. Look, I want to care about this. I love mocking Joe Biden. I think Joe Biden is an egotistical, ridiculously Machiavellian, loose-lipped, amoral scoundrel.

But the only reason I could think this story would matter to anyone would be schadenfreude. I mean, who cares if the Vice President’s daughter does cocaine? I honestly don’t.

I could see an argument for a blackmail possibility as a national security concern but you could make that argument about pretty much everyone. So, in short, I can’t see why anyone should care.

Now, the one thing I would add is could you just imagine how much the press would be paying if it were one of the Bush’s daughters on video? Whew. That would be a big number.

We’d see wall-to-wall “breaking news” coverage on every channel. Keith Olbermann would be foaming at the mouth saying this was happening because George W. Bush was too focused on Iraq just minutes after saying that Bush wasn’t paying enough attention to Iraq. There’d be Lifetime movies of the week about her titled, “From the White House to the Crack House” starring someone from The OC or 90210 with Valerie Bertinelli as Laura Bush.