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Month October 2021

Exorcist Fr. Lampert: 8 Ways You Give the Devil a Foothold

Fr. Vincent Lampert, Priest and Exorcist in the Diocese of Indianapolis and author of “Exorcism: The Battle Against Satan and His Demons” presents the 8 ways we can fall victim to spiritual attack: ties to the occult, illicit entertainment, a… Continue Reading →

Kansas School Distributed “Gender Unicorn” Handout to Confuse Teens.

This is meant to confuse children. This is evil. Olathe East High School in Kansas distributed this handout in their “Human Growth and Development” class. Once you remove God from education, this becomes inevitable. HT Chris Stigall

What the Halloween? Woke Twix Ad OK’s Violence Against Non-Woke Children

What in Hell were they thinking? No seriously. This thinking comes from Hell. I honestly don’t know how this ad sells a candy bar but I guess they think establishing themselves as woke will pay dividends in the end. So… Continue Reading →

Kentucky high school hosts drag pageant featuring male teens in lingerie giving lap dances to staff

An investigation is underway after photos surfaced on social media depicting a homecoming event at a Kentucky high school where male students partook in a “man pageant.” The male students seen in photos taken at Hazard High School’s homecoming week… Continue Reading →

Things Fall Apart. Martyrs, Saints, and Heroes Will be Needed.

We no longer share ideals. Our “truths” are no longer self evident. Rights are created and shelved according to the age. We don’t shout the same slogans. My hearts stirs to what makes your stomach turn. A digital Babel!!! Our… Continue Reading →

Rutgers professor says white people deserve low birth rates

Hate is contagious. And at this point we’ve come to a place where those who espouse hatred are celebrated, promoted, and accepted into the class of the elites. Yahoo: A professor at Rutgers University said that white people can’t afford… Continue Reading →

Everyone is Welcome in a Catholic Church!!! Well, Except You!

A Canadian Diocese is now requiring a COVID-19 vaccination to attend Mass. I could think of worse ideas. But not many. Liberty Journal: “Those who have recently turned 12 will have a three-month “grace period” to receive a COVID-19 vaccine… Continue Reading →

Noam Chomsky: Unvaccinated should ‘remove themselves from the community,’ access to food ‘their problem’

This is what godlessness begets. Materialism views people as just material. And sometimes you have to cut material to create the vision, huh? Celebrated leftist philosopher Noam Chomsky recently argued that those who remain unvaccinated should be segregated, saying that… Continue Reading →

Priest Promotes Covid Vaxx for Children from the Pulpit

If only Jesus’ message to people were more interesting than maybe priests like this wouldn’t have to resort to preaching their ripped from the CNN headlines rather than spreading the gospel. Opining about the news rather than spreading the good… Continue Reading →

Compare and Contrast How the Media Handles Witches and Kirk Cameron

YahooLife has a new story up. The headline kinda’ speaks for itself. “Real-life witches on the misconceptions they face and using magic as a form of self-care: ‘It was a way for me to cope’” A pretty laudatory piece through… Continue Reading →

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