What in Hell were they thinking? No seriously. This thinking comes from Hell.

I honestly don’t know how this ad sells a candy bar but I guess they think establishing themselves as woke will pay dividends in the end.

So please watch it but here’s the summation: Cross dressing kid gets a witch for a nanny. Little boy at the park wearing a cape says “You’re weird” so the witch tosses the kid using her “powers.” All we see is the little kid’s cape fall to the ground. The kid is gone. Wished into the cornfield or something.

When asked, the witch seems unconcerned as to whether the kid will return.

In unrelated news, a cross dressing boy recently sexually assaulted female students. When the father raised his concerns about this, the school board tossed him out. Wished him into the cornfield. When asked about the father, they seem unconcerned.

Normal thinking Americans have to push back against this agenda. It’s insane. Literally.