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Month September 2017

What if NFL Players Refused to Stand for the LGBT Rainbow Flag?

What would happen if NFL players refused to stand for the LGBT Rainbow flag? Something tells me that the left wouldn’t be championing their 1st Amendment rights as much. Before you answer, please remember that Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was… Continue Reading →

Didn’t Hugh Hefner Die Decades Ago?

Hugh Hefner is dead. I pray for him. But I can’t help but think that the days of Hefner as a culturally significant figure passed a decade or two ago. Not for good reasons. Hefner invented the glossy paged Playboy… Continue Reading →

Judge Tosses Abortion Restriction, Says it “Prevents No Actual Harm.”

A Barack Obama appointee. Reuters: A federal court struck down a law in Kentucky on Wednesday that requires women seeking an abortion to first undergo an ultrasound and hear a description of the embryo or fetus. The U.S. District Court… Continue Reading →

Media Champions NFL Kneelers, Ignore Church Usher Who Saved Lives

There were football players who kneeled during the anthem. And around the same time a church usher fought back against a man who was shooting people in church at the risk of his own life. Question: Who is the media… Continue Reading →

The Media Doesn’t Trust You to Know About the Tennessee Church Shooter

I ran a google news search for “Emmanuel Samson” who is the man who shot up a church in Tennessee and there were 17,900 news stories mentioning him. I then ran a search on his name plus the word “sudan”… Continue Reading →

The Media’s Portrayal of America vs. Reality

If you were new to the planet and just watched American media, you’d think that Nazis were a solid 25 percent of the country, gays were about 20 percent of the population, and there might be like a dozen or… Continue Reading →



The Democrat Party is soooo different than it was 10 years ago…

I’ve often heard it said that the Democrat party of today is nothing like it was ten or twenty years ago. True. It is, however, almost exactly like it was 100 years ago with its support of eugenics and racism…. Continue Reading →

Sweden’s Twitter Account Gives Perfect Reason for its Demise

Since 2011, Sweden’s twitter account has been handled by one regular person a week. This week it’s @Sweden/Sara. And she gives the perfect reasons for Sweden’s demise. We don't believe in God. We trust state more than family. We eat… Continue Reading →

So, has the Catholic teaching on murder not been “received?”

Based on the murder rates all around the world, can one assume that the Church’s teaching about killing has not been “received” and is therefore non-binding? HT Fr. James Martin *subhead*Question.*subhead*

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