There were football players who kneeled during the anthem. And around the same time a church usher fought back against a man who was shooting people in church at the risk of his own life.

Question: Who is the media championing as a hero?

Matt Walsh wrote at The Blaze:

Maybe you read about this story on page 14 of the newspaper. I’m not exaggerating, either. The New York Times put this mass shooting on page 14. The front page was dominated by athletes kneeling. Or perhaps you heard it mentioned in a 12-second blurb at the end of a cable newscast last night. I flipped through a few different channels and didn’t hear it even mentioned one time, but maybe they got around to it. Of course, in a 60-minute broadcast they had to allot at least 59 minutes to cataloging the posture of NFL players. If you managed to sit through all of that, you may have heard the “P.S. There was a mass shooting at a church today okay that’s all goodnight” at the end. I don’t know.

Most likely, though, you didn’t hear much about this story. I wasn’t aware of it myself until this morning. That’s because a terrorist attack at a church, which was cut short due to the incredible heroism of an usher, is a minor and insignificant event compared to political demonstrations of millionaire football players, according to the media and a large portion of our society.
I’m embarrassed on behalf of all of America. Consider how the members of this church must feel. First, their place of worship is attacked by a terrorist, and then they look around and see that nobody really cares. We’re all too busy arguing about the correct physical positioning for football players during the national anthem. I’m sure media coverage is the least of their worries at the moment, but it’s still shameful. There is no excuse for putting these stupid NFL antics on the front page and burying a story that by any rational measure.

This is all about the story not fitting “the narrative.” You see, the news no longer simply reports facts. They are telling a story. And every good story teller knows that one of the keys to telling a good story is concision. You have to edit out elements that don’t help to tell the story you want to tell. And when Christians are slaughtered pretty much anywhere in the world, that doesn’t fit the narrative of Christians as oppressors. So it essentially gets ignored.

Oh, and also many in the media despise Christians so there’s that too.

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