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Month November 2011

The Unheralded Gains of the Pro-Life Movement

You should read this piece about the gains the pro-life movement had made by Fred Barnes at the Weekly Standard: Opponents of abortion are rarely interviewed on television these days. “It’s much harder to get on TV than it used… Continue Reading →

Cdl. Burke Questions Sebelius’ Catholicism

I believe HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius who is currently attempting to force Catholic institutions to pay for contraception calls herself a “practicing Catholic.” I’ve even seen the word “devout” used a few times. But in a recent interview that’s on… Continue Reading →

The 7 Worst Christmas Specials…Evah.

I’ve got a bunch of kids. And I’ve got a television. This is a recipe for disaster, especially around Christmas time. If my kids see an ad for a Christmas special they’re on their knees pleading“pleasecanwestayuptowatchitjustthisonceandwepromisewe’llgorighttobedandwewon’thiteachotherevenwhentheydeserveitandwe’llevenreadtomorrowpleasepleaseplease… And I invariably say… Continue Reading →

1979 or 2011? This Is Strange.

Muppet movie is hot at the box office. There was a huge nuclear accident that dramatically set back the nuclear industry. Attack on embassies in Tehran. Islamist revolutions in middle east deposing strongmen. High gas prices. Newt Gingrich is a… Continue Reading →

Now That’s a Conscience

This is a heckuva story about an old man whose conscience was bothering him a bit for a looong loooong time. You’ve got to check this out. AOL.com reports: The manager of the Sears store in downtown Seattle says an… Continue Reading →

A Very Newt Christmas

I was reminded on Twitter about this classically unbiased Time cover from 1994. @jimgeraghty said” Newt has a funny line about that. “It wasn’t enough that I was holding Tiny Tim’s crutch. I’d broken it in half!””

How Dumb Does Tim Pawlenty Feel Now?

Tim Pawlenty never had his bump. He got in, the polls didn’t budge, he got out. But I’m thinking he bailed way too soon. Way. We had the Bachmann burst and bust, we had Perry’s prosper and pop, and Herman… Continue Reading →

The Cure For Hangovers( and Other Things)

Researchers make magnetic nanoparticles that can latch on to harmful molecules and purge them from the blood. “The project involves magnetized nanoparticles that are coated with carbon and studded with antibodies specific to the molecules the researchers want to purge… Continue Reading →

Old: Cain A Harrasser. New & True: Cain A Cheater

Well. It seems that Herman Cain may very well be a dirtbag after all. Maybe not a harassing dirtbag, but likely a cheating one. I say likely because after being accused of a 13 yr extra-marital affair by an Atlanta… Continue Reading →

The Robopocalypse Will Be Brought to you by Harvard

The apocalypse will be brought to you by Harvard University. Seriously, did you ever think it would come from anywhere else? Harvard researchers just announced that they’ve built a flexible robot that can crawl and slither under a pane of… Continue Reading →

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