Tim Pawlenty never had his bump. He got in, the polls didn’t budge, he got out. But I’m thinking he bailed way too soon. Way.

We had the Bachmann burst and bust, we had Perry’s prosper and pop, and Herman Cain’s con and clang.

The Republican Primary process has become a knock down drag out last man standing affair. Governor Tim Pawlenty could’ve been that man. Let’s face it. He probably would’ve been had he just stuck around. His non-entity-ness would’ve actually been a benefit to him if he just showed a little stick-to-it-iveness.

He’s a pro-life Governor who cut taxes. Yeah, he allowed himself to be bullied with the nonsensical arguments of Bachmann which looked really bad for him. But had he stuck to it, I’d bet we wouldn’t even remember that anymore.

Now we’ve got Mitt and Newt looking to battle it out to the end.

I’m not saying Pawlenty would’ve been my guy but I’m just pointing out that this guy could’ve been the guy if he’d just hung around. Now, he’s stuck angling for a Veep nod from Mitt. Good luck with that.