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Month February 2018

Neogtiating our Rights Away

I read Peggy Noonan’s latest piece and she suggests a compromise between the two political sides. In short, she said that the right’s defense of gun rights is as sacrosanct as the left’s defense of the right to abortion. She… Continue Reading →

Muslims Wipe out 15 Nigerian Villages in Mass Christian Slaughter. Shhhhh.

Where is this being reported? I turn on CNN and it’s all Mueller, Russia, Trump’s tweets. It has been reported that many Muslims, especially in parts of Africa, are converting to Christianity. This, I believe, is the response. Death, violence,… Continue Reading →

Ohio Christian Parents Lose Custody of Daughter For Refusing Her Transgender Drugs

Here we go. PJ Media: An Ohio couple has temporarily lost custody of their 17-year-old daughter after refusing her transgender hormones prescribed by doctors who claim she suffers from gender dysphoria and will commit suicide without the drugs. A judge… Continue Reading →

How to be a Pro-Life Democrat. Psst. You can’t

Lifezette had a pretty disturbing story about Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Look at these two pics and it really tells you the entire tale. He’s a supposedly pro-life Democrat. But in reality what does that mean? It means… Continue Reading →

If Only Anglican Priests Could Marry

Wait, I thought this was a Catholic problem. The Christian Post: The Church of England is facing as many as 3,300 potential sex abuse cases in the form of concerns and allegations, as revealed by the Church’s lead bishop on… Continue Reading →

ACLU Demands All Americans Deny Reality

The ACLU is now arguing that your free speech ends where someone else’s sensitivity begins. The Federalist: On Tuesday, the American Civil Liberties Union sued Alabama state officials in a federal district court on behalf of three transgender individuals. The… Continue Reading →

Is the F-Word Not a Thing Anymore?

Yesterday, Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl champion Jason Kelce delivered an epic profanity-filled speech at the Super Bowl Parade in front of… oh, about a million Philadelphians, including many children. Now, his speech has gone viral and it’s got many wondering… Continue Reading →

Hey Nancy, Keep your Rosaries off my Borderies

Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense. But it’s the closest I could come to their stupid slogan. You see, the left is all about the separation of church and state unless they think the church can be used for… Continue Reading →

Man Sentenced for Unlicensed Abortion with his Car

So he doesn’t have a medical degree and tried to use his car instead of a vacuum. The Daily Mail: A Florida man who deliberately drove his vehicle into a pole in an attempt to kill a woman and her… Continue Reading →

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