Yesterday, Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl champion Jason Kelce delivered an epic profanity-filled speech at the Super Bowl Parade in front of… oh, about a million Philadelphians, including many children. Now, his speech has gone viral and it’s got many wondering if the f-word is even a thing anymore.

It’s certainly indicative of a coarsening of our culture’s language. But let’s be honest, many speak now like they’re in a Martin Scorsese movie. (Scorsesification?) ((Or how about Tarantinitis?)) Just look at mainstream movies, television, or the music young people listen to. Raunch. Profanity. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the music is quite listenable but after I hear it a few times I start making out what they’re saying and it usually is something about making some very poor long-term decisions.

And then parents shrug and wonder why “kids grow up so fast nowadays.” It’s a bit ironic that so many nowadays are wary and fearful of saying anything that could be deemed as offensive, including simple gender pronouns — but when it comes to offending someone with profanity, nobody seems worried about it anymore. In fact, those who object to foul language are often derided as being prudish or somehow relics of a bygone era.

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