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Month January 2024

Republican Governor of Montana Removes 14 Year Old From Parents Who Said No to Gender Transition.

This is sickening. A Republican governor of Montana is defending the state removing a 14 year old from her parents because she wants to become a boy. This is madness. And folks, this is in MONTANA. Not California or some… Continue Reading →

Christian vet who beheaded Satanic statue at Iowa Capital charged with hate crime. Wait. Hate Against Who?

I’m confused. The Satanists themselves go out of their way to say they don’t actually believe in Satan so who is this a hate crime against? It’s not a religion because they don’t believe in anything transcendent. Is the man… Continue Reading →

MMm. mmm. No way. No How. Unh-uh. Not a chance.

Reuters: The first human patient has received an implant from brain-chip startup Neuralink on Sunday and is recovering well, the company’s billionaire founder Elon Musk said. “Initial results show promising neuron spike detection,” Musk said in a post on the… Continue Reading →

Cecile Richards, Former Head of Planned Parenthood, Diagnosed with Incurable Cancer, Gets Busy Creating An Abortion Chatbot.

This is horrifying to me. I know it’s supposed to be all inspiring because despite her diagnosis, Cecile Richards is continuing her life’s work. Her life’s work, unfortunately, is death. New York Magazine: Six months ago, on a family vacation… Continue Reading →

Shhhh. ISIS Terrorists Attack Catholic Church in Istanbul, Killing One.

This is merely a local crime story. This is not an international story that points to an ongoing problem worldwide. Please remember, Christians are oppressors, not victims. Two masked gunmen shot one person dead during Sunday service at a church… Continue Reading →

The Atheist Push that Failed.

I was on Guadalupe Radio Network and talked a bit about the great Atheist wave that ebbed. The materialist view of the universe has been widely rejected. The “nones” aren’t buying what the institutional Church is selling. But we have… Continue Reading →

Nones Now Largest Religious Category in U.S. But There’s Good News.

There’s good news under this sad news, I’m telling ya’. CNA: Religiously unaffiliated people, often referred to as “nones,” now make up the largest religious category in the U.S., according to a new report by the Pew Research Center. Pew’s… Continue Reading →

Woman Gets 100 Hours of Community Service for Killing Man in Cannabis Induced Mania. Oh, and Pot is Harmless.

Is life so meaningless now? How do you understand this to be true while also believing that marijuana use is harmless. This is so sad pic.twitter.com/e9ZJQxg9MU — non aesthetic things (@PicturesFoIder) January 24, 2024 The harmlessness of marijuana is one… Continue Reading →

Texit? Is This How It Begins?

As I explained previously, Texas is working to protect its southern border with razor wire. The federal government under Joe Biden or whoever is actually in charge, is coming in after them and taking down the razor wire. To make… Continue Reading →

What Does Texas Mean when They Say They’re Not Backing Down after Court Ruling?

Texas was protecting their southern border with razor wire. The Supreme Court issued an order allowing the federal government to cut down the razor wire. Why? We don’t know. The court just acted and didn’t explain themselves. We know that… Continue Reading →

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