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Month April 2023

Priest Throws Host on Floor Rather than Offer Communion on Tongue?

Oh my. I hope this isn’t true but I’m not really surprised by this. Are you? With these kinds of stories one never knows what exactly happened so I hesitated to even post about it but so many people are… Continue Reading →

Arizona Democrat Steals Bibles from House Lounge. Video.

How can leftists confirm we’re in a spiritual battle without saying we’re in a spiritual battle? Oh, this is how. An Arizona Democrat House member is caught on video stealing and hiding Bibles from the House members-only lounge. I know… Continue Reading →

Surprising Surge of Young Americans Turning to Faith?

I want to believe. Zero Hedge: The story of religious trends in America has been one of increasing disaffiliation among younger generations. But a new study reveals an unexpected resurgence of faith among youngsters in a post-Covid era. Some young… Continue Reading →

Just a Fool’s Hope

Things are getting dark out there for our country and our beloved Church. I found myself looking for angles to see how it all could be salvaged. In the end, I concluded there really is no earthly means of our… Continue Reading →

Director Christopher Nolan Says Oppenheimer “Most important person who ever lived.” Ahem.

Director Christopher Nolan has a new movie coming out about Oppenheimer so it’s no surprise he thinks the subject is fascinating. But he might have gotten a little carried away. Oppenheimer was “the most important person who ever lived,” Nolan… Continue Reading →

Some Good News. North Dakota Gov. Signs Pro-Life Bill

We’ve taken some hits since Dobbs. No doubt about it. But we have to continue battling state by state, winning the hearts and minds of people everywhere. And I mean everywhere. North Dakota is kind of a lay up but… Continue Reading →

Olympian Says Trans Athlete Running as a Female in London Marathon ‘wrong and unfair’

Good for her for speaking out. This takes guts to speak out against this hateful culture. Let’s hope this inspires others. The Telegraph: A leading Olympian has said it was “wrong and unfair” for Glenique Frank, a biological male identifying… Continue Reading →

Biden Says All Your Children Belong to Him…Except for Hunter’s Illegitimate Child.

This is the next battle. Who is in charge of your children? You or the state? Biden won’t even acknowledge his own grandchild but he wants to be in charge of your children. This is perfect 21st century America.

If Modern Vegans Acted Like Progressive Christians.

This is great.

Tucker Carlson: The battle in America today is spiritual and it’s between good and evil.

This is a must watch. Tucker’s speech at the 50th anniversary of the Heritage Foundation. He says what we’re dealing with is no longer politics. Tucker Carlson During Speech At @Heritage Explains How To Understand What The People Wrecking Our… Continue Reading →

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