Director Christopher Nolan has a new movie coming out about Oppenheimer so it’s no surprise he thinks the subject is fascinating. But he might have gotten a little carried away.

Oppenheimer was “the most important person who ever lived,” Nolan told the audience. “He made the world that we live in. And his story has to be seen to be believed.”

Nolan, who was raised Catholic might have forgotten someone…

I would argue that Jesus edges out Oppenheimer…just by a bit because Jesus actually was the most important person who ever lived and actually “made the world that we live in.”

I think sometimes we forget how Christ’s life and the emergence of Christianity changed everything. We’ve grown up with Christianity so we just think that’s the way it is. But just read ancient literature to learn Christianity changed everything.

Science and technology, medicine, fine arts and architecture, politics, literatures, music, philanthropy, philosophy, ethics, humanism, theatre and business were all introduced or radically changed due to Christianity. The very concept of human rights we stand on emanates from Christianity.

It is no surprise that those places in the world most free from Christianity are backwards hellholes for many.

And that doesn’t even discuss the fact that He saved us all and opened the gates of Heaven. That’s a pretty big deal.

Oppenheimer gave us the tools to destroy a world. Jesus saved us.

I’m not crapping on the movie. I think it’ll probably be great. But Nolan saying that just rubbed me the wrong way.

I think sometimes we separate Christ from history. We shouldn’t. I had a history professor in college who asked the class what the most important historical event was.

We all raised our hands with opinions. The Magna Carta. The Declaration of Independence. The end of slavery.

All wrong. The birth and death of Christ is the answer.