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Month March 2022

Is Mel Gibson’s Passion Sequel Really Happening? Spoiler Alert -Yes!!!

I couldn’t be more excited. I consider The Passion to be the most important movie of my lifetime. It’s certainly had a profound impact on my life. Our time needs great artists like Mel Gibson creating religious art such as… Continue Reading →

Disney Chose a Side in the Culture War. Have You?

We cheer that Ron DeSantis signed the Parental Rights in Education bill that will prevent teachers from grooming children into the LGBT culture but then we pay our Disney Plus subscription so that a woke corporation can do the same… Continue Reading →

JK Rowling is Controversial but Star of Movie in Jail is Ho-hum.

Here’s the hilarious headline from People Magazine: J.K. Rowling Walks Red Carpet at Fantastic Beasts 3 Premiere After Controversial Trans Comments The story is filled with adjectives like “controversial.” That’s how the media accuses people of wrong think. They label… Continue Reading →

The Myth of Human Progress or Evolution Makes us Worse.

My neighbor and I were talking about Putin and Ukraine and he said something that shocked me. He said he couldn’t believe Putin in this “day and age” would invade another country. He said that he was shocked because he… Continue Reading →

Which Catholic Saint Changed the US Tax Code?

I found this fascinating. If your taxes are lessened through charitable giving, you may want to thank a saint. The Arkansas Catholic reports: St. Katharine Drexel is well known for being a trailblazing figure in the early 20th century, championing… Continue Reading →

This is the greatest example of Media Bias I’ve ever come across.

This is amazing. Yes. That’s what Republicans are upset about. She just shows too much darn empathy. It’s not that she lets child porn addicts off with a slap on the wrist. It’s not that she pushed to make it… Continue Reading →

Happy Hour 3-29-22

Nothing ever changes. Bloggers experience this daily: This is pure insanity from USA Today. #truth. Encounter doesn’t mean acceptance.

Please Do What Hollywood Says. They Are Your Betters.

Last thing about the Academy Awards. In a room with hundreds of people who pretend to be heroes in movies, not one of them so much as stood when witnessing an assault right in front of them. The only one… Continue Reading →

I Thought Women Were Fierce, Independent Beings. So Why Is Clarence Thomas Responsible for His Wife’s Actions?

Is the left arguing that Clarence Thomas is responsible for his wife’s actions? That he somehow controls his wife? What is Ginni Thomas even being accused of? She’s accused of texting Mark Meadows in the White House, saying that she… Continue Reading →

DeSantis Signs Parental Rights Act!

You might not know that it’s called the Parental Rights Act because the media will only refer to it as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This is a big win, not because it will inspire other GOP governors to follow… Continue Reading →

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