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Month March 2022

US Bishops Notice Trend of Vandalism at Catholic Churches Across US

This is EWTN and this is the first time I’ve seen anyone in the media even suggest that the culture is playing a role in the rise of anti-Catholic vandalism. I’ll say it plainly. Woke culture leads to anti-Catholicism. There’s… Continue Reading →

The Conservative Case for Smacking Comedians Upside the Head?

Man, comedians have it tough. If they say something against the cultural norms they can be cancelled. And if they say something completely inane, they can be smacked upside the head by Will Smith. So, Chris Rock compared Will Smith’s… Continue Reading →

Now, Ketanji Brown Jackson Can’t Say When Life Begins. And She Thinks It’s Funny.

First she couldn’t say what a “woman” is but now she can’t even define what a human is. What’s going on at Ivy League institutions nowadays? This type of ignorance can only be learned.

Hmmm. Please God or Twitter? Hmmm.

God created them man and woman. But Twitter knows better. This is the 2+2=5 moment. This is where you’re supposed to submit or risk being cut off from the outside world. Oh nooooo. What will we do without Twitter and… Continue Reading →

ACB and Kavanaugh Side with Leftists on Military Vaccines

Sad. Siding with the Biden administration, the Supreme Court BLOCKS a lower-court ruling that had barred the Pentagon from considering the COVID vaccination status of Navy SEALs in making deployment decisions. Thomas, Alito, & Gorsuch dissent. That means Kavanaugh and… Continue Reading →

Happy Hour 3-25-22

This is why the internet was created. Where we were. Where we are. Gee, it’s almost like there’s no set standard. It just depends on what side you’re on. #facts are stubborn things. So let’s pretend they don’t exist. A… Continue Reading →

An Amazing Time to be Catholic. Tim Gordon on the Consecration.

Tim Gordon seems pretty pleased which mirrors my thinking. It sure is an amazing time to be Catholic. I especially liked what Gordon said like he was surprised that there was no fly in the ointment. If ever the world… Continue Reading →

Today’s the Day.

I’m excited. I’ll be honest, it feels good not to be so cynical. I like being hopeful and feeling like the Church is uniting (other than the German bishops, of course.) It’s pretty rare that I get to write pieces… Continue Reading →

I Guess Teaching LGBT is Just Easier Than ABC’s

Why do these schools insist on this? Oh, it’s because they don’t give a damn about your children other than refashioning them into weapons to overthrow the patriarchy and fashion their utopia. A middle school in Denver, CO is opening… Continue Reading →

Tim Gordon and Bishop Strickland on the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart

I know there’s a lot going on in the world but for me, this takes center stage. I’m still hoping and praying that this comes off well and then I’m bracing for a miracle. No matter what, it’s good news,… Continue Reading →

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