Here’s the hilarious headline from People Magazine: J.K. Rowling Walks Red Carpet at Fantastic Beasts 3 Premiere After Controversial Trans Comments

The story is filled with adjectives like “controversial.” That’s how the media accuses people of wrong think. They label them “controversial.”

Here’s how they talk about her:

“The controversial author — who has made numerous comments about the transgender community not only recently, but over the last few years — walked the carpet wearing a navy blue gown with a silver trim and dramatic high slit with a matching mesh cape.”

“Rowling’s red carpet appearance comes after the famed author issued a series of tweets aimed at the transgender community, including a rant about proposed amendments to the Gender Recognition Reform Bill in Scotland just before International Women’s Day. The proposed bill would make it easier for people to legally change gender.”

So you get the idea. But now, here’s a little nugget of info that didn’t make the headline or even made it up top in the article.

“Noticeably absent from the premiere was Ezra Miller, who was arrested early Monday and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment over two alleged incidents that happened at a karaoke bar in Hawaii over the weekend.

So, to be clear, one of the stars of the movie was arrested for all sorts of things but that’s not interesting to anyone? Nope. JK Rowling is the bad guy.

Oh, and here’s the actor who got into trouble that’s being ignored by the media: