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Month November 2020

The Covid Baby Bust Is a Symptom of a Much Worse Sickness

Guys, Netflix is just not that awesome. We’ve been quarantined for months and we’re experiencing a baby bust? WTH? Experts are forecasting declining birth rates this year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, putting pressure on the consumer giants that… Continue Reading →

ACB Wins Thanksgiving!!!

This is something to be thankful for. The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday night blocked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from reimposing strict attendance caps at worship services in areas hit hard by the novel coronavirus.  The high court ruled 5-4 to bar Cuomo from enforcing his… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Christmas Gift for Anyone Who Believes Life is Sacred

Looking for a Christmas gift for someone in your life who is celebrating the birth of baby Jesus and maybe extrapolates out from there that perhaps all life is sacred? If you do, you may want to consider “American Antigone”… Continue Reading →

No Abp. Cordileone, These People Wish Catholics Ill

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone has been pushing his “Free the Mass” movement and wrote about it in First Things, which I must admit has some really excellent articles up right now. I applaud Abp. Cordileone’s efforts to resist the secular progressivism he… Continue Reading →

Pope Meets with NBA Players to Discuss Social Justice. Cardinal Zen Still Unseen.

So, the pope stands for the popular form of social justice but not if it angers China. Got it. I thought it was his job to speak truth to the world, no matter what. New York Post:  Five players and… Continue Reading →

The King of Kong and the 2020 Election

 In 1999, Billy Mitchell was the man. He was one of the best gamers in the world. He was the first to record a perfect score on the arcade game Pac-Man. He also held the record for many years for… Continue Reading →

New York’s Rockefeller Center Has the Perfect Tree for 2020!

 I’m not kidding. This is the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. Perfect for 2020, isn’t it?

The Pursuit of Justice Uncoupled from Love

Justice without love is not justice. Love without justice is not love. —Mother Teresa The pursuit of justice uncoupled from love, has been the most evil, ravenous, and corrupting force in history. Because what is justice without God? Without God… Continue Reading →

POW! Oof! American Life League to U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference: You Are a ‘Feckless, Spineless Conglomerate of Dead Souls’

The American Life League is an inspiration. Let’s just say she was not too pleased with the bishops offering their congratulations to “Catholic” Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It’s worth a read. Leaders at the American Life League told CNS… Continue Reading →

Looking for the Perfect Christmas Gift? American Antigone!

Fifteen 5 Star Reviews. I’m thrilled that this story is getting out to people. If you’ve enjoyed my writing at The Catholic Digest or The National Catholic Register or here at CMR, please consider purchasing American Antigone. It is the story… Continue Reading →

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