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Month November 2020

Big Tech Is Not Our Friend

 The New Evangelization has hit an obstacle. It’s a rather big one. Big Tech is actively working to censor or silence voices with whom they disagree. They’ve entered into an unofficial or perhaps even official agreement with secular progressives to… Continue Reading →

The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Scientific Explanations for Fatima

I debunk the debunkers and show all the crazy things some people will believe in order to avoid believing that God loves them. Please enjoy and share. (YouTube was down for a while but it’s back now.)

This Moment. Now.

I bought this video editing equipment for myself for my birthday. Yeah, I treat myself nice. So I made this up. Click the “read more” and then the video should come up. I think that’s a fun thing to add… Continue Reading →

We’re In For It Now

 For those who obstinately refused to red pill, it will now be administered rectally. I’ll try not to laugh. I’ve been worried for years at the crimes going on behind the scenes to undermine our republic. But what worries me… Continue Reading →

Evil is Boring. Love is the Adventure!

This time we live in right now proves that evil is boring. So. Effing. Boring.  Darkness itself is monotonous and mundane. You can’t see anything in darkness. It’s what we imagine in the dark that excites us. Our imaginations populate… Continue Reading →

Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins are in Control. How’s That Make You Feel?

 Republicans have control of the Senate. Good news, right? But all that means is that Susan Collins, Mitt Romney. and Lisa Murkowski are now in charge of the Senate. Life took a hit this Election Day. A very serious hit…. Continue Reading →

I Chat with Danielle Bean on the Momcast!!!

I spoke with the great Danielle Bean on the Momcast at Catholicmom.com. She’s great. I truly enjoyed hanging out with her for half an hour. I talk about my newest book American Antigone, a novel that looks at the issues of life… Continue Reading →

Say, Has Anyone Seen the Republicans Recently?

 Where the hell are all the Republican leaders? Why are they not out there decrying this obvious fraud? Cowards! The lot of them. Cowards! And these are the same people we’re hoping protect our religious freedom? These are the scared… Continue Reading →

Amy Coney Barrett Being on the Bench Seems Kind of Important Right Now, Huh?

 The Boston Globe hilariously wants ACB to recuse herself from any cases involving the election.  President Donald Trump made it crystal clear, even before he nominated Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, that her swift confirmation was needed… Continue Reading →

Something to Remember in These Times

 We are not called to put the world on our shoulders or push the boulder up the hill.  We are called to carry our cross.

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