This time we live in right now proves that evil is boring. So. Effing. Boring. 

Darkness itself is monotonous and mundane. You can’t see anything in darkness. It’s what we imagine in the dark that excites us. Our imaginations populate the darkness with savage beasts, transform the pile of clothes into the staring ghoul in the corner. and make the mechanized sound of a heater into the footsteps of a lurker in the hallway.

We make the darkness seem exciting. But darkness, evil, itself is boring.

Every word that comes out of the mouths of those opposed to life and faith and love is predictable. Every action is the same as the one the time before, just more obvious. Even their outrage is mundane because even the slightest offense is magnified into a faux horror. There is no moderation. Every offense is an outrage worthy of banishment, every political leader who opposes them is “literally Hitler.” That is our age. We live in an age of boring malevolent hyperbole.

The only real surprise our age offers is how apathetic good people continue to be. But that’s where the adventure of our age lies. That’s the dramatic story. It’s the stirring of a soul. The raising of an intellect. The moment of epiphany when the blinders fall from the eyes. The grace-filled moment when faith stirs.

It is the moment in the story when all seems to be encroaching darkness. And then there is light. There is love. That’s the time I like to live in. And that is this moment. Shine your light.

That’s why I write stories.