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Month March 2020

Did We Get Lied To About The Flu?

One issue that confuses many is the CDC annually saying that in the US about 36,000 people die from the seasonal flu. People naturally wonder if so many die yearly from the regular flu why are we making so much… Continue Reading →

Letters from the Quarantine

I think some of my homeschoolers would gladly set off the fire alarm but ha! Those things haven’t had batteries for years. But actually, things are going…oddly well. During this quarantine my kids are talking and laughing with each other…. Continue Reading →

Media Reaches New Low During Pandemic

The media has once again boarded the Orange Man Bad ship and set sail on a new adventure off the edge of reality. An Arizona man, fearful of the Coronavirus, heard President Trump talking hopefully about the effect chloroquine, an… Continue Reading →

The Real National Crisis

Media and government officials are throwing up their hands, wondering why so many people seem distrustful of their advice about Corona. Perhaps it’s because government and media have previously done so much to lose our trust. The media has distorted… Continue Reading →

Parenting Fail of the Apocalypse

It’s good to have the kids home so we can be reminded what terrible parents we are. So I’m home with all the kids so we had a couple of movie nights. First night I showed then Shakespeare’s “Henry 5th”… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of Akita and Food For Thought

Some food for thought, folks: In 1973, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa of Akita Japan received a dire warning of a coming chastisement. She warned of Cardinals opposing Cardinals, bishops against bishops. Terrible chastisements for sin. You know the one. Did you… Continue Reading →

Saint Monica Club is the Club No Catholic Parent Wants to Join

I just read a beautiful book. I put my thoughts on Facebook a bit ago but I figured I’d put them here too. “The Saint Monica Club” is an amazing book. So insightful and wonderful. And sadly, necessary today. It… Continue Reading →

Pence Mocked for Corona Virus Prayer. He Ain’t the First

This photo was released, showing Vice President Mike Pence commencing his Coronavirus task force with a prayer. Predictably, it was mocked by many on the left. Christian Post: Hemant Mehta, who writes for Patheos.com’s “Friendly Atheist” blog, wrote that “it’s… Continue Reading →

Nothing Prepares You for Teens

They say nothing can prepare you for having a baby. And that is true. But what they don’t tell you is that babies don’t prepare you for teenagers. Nothing can, I guess. With babies, you’ve got nine months to wait,… Continue Reading →

Did Biden Forget God? I Don’t Think So

Everyone is saying Joe Biden forgot God. I don’t think so. He said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: all men and women created by- go- you know- you know the thing.” It’s easy to assume that Joe is… Continue Reading →

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