I just read a beautiful book. I put my thoughts on Facebook a bit ago but I figured I’d put them here too. “The Saint Monica Club” is an amazing book. So insightful and wonderful. And sadly, necessary today.

It seems that our culture today is set up to distance young people from their faith. And it is successful far too often. “The Saint Monica Club” is a book written by a Catholic parent on how she deals with grown children whom she loves distancing themselves from God and the Church.

The book is spectacular. So real. No pie in the sky pieties but real world situations.

If you have ever loved someone who left the Faith, you know the ache of wanting that person back at the table. You pine for them at Mass, you miss their presence, and even wonder, How could life in Heaven be happy if the one I love is not present? When we feel this ache, the one intimately known to Saint Monica for years, we begin to learn how to love as God loves.

In this book, Maggie Green shows how you can faithfully follow the example of Saint Monica, whose prayers, tears, and witness eventually led to the conversion of both her husband and her son, Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church. This isn’t a book on how to win your prodigal child back it’s a book on how to wait for them, how to be okay with planting the seeds and laboring in the vineyard without necessarily seeing the harvest.

Read these pages, and you’ll come to see how the Holy Spirit is at work in each of us, calling us all home and encouraging our witness to each other. We’re all part of the Saint Monica Club, praying and petitioning heaven until the day our loved ones return to the Faith and embrace the fullness of life that can only be found in Christ.

I very rarely recommend books because I always feel like I need to be totally truthful and I never want to say anything bad about someone’s work. So even when they’re pretty good I feel like it would be an insult to say in a review that this book is “pretty good.” So, in short, I just don’t do it. But this book I can recommend without hesitation.

I mean, I seriously don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a loved one who is not close to God. And it’s an awful situation. Check out this book. Here’s the link.