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Month February 2011

Two Years Later….

Want to see what a difference two years can make? The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 The Norwegian Nobel Committee has decided that the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 is to be awarded to President Barack Obama for his extraordinary… Continue Reading →

Aww. Planned Parenthood Gettin’ Nervous

The poor dears at Planned Parenthood are in a tizzy. According to The Politico, in an emergency move they’re purchasing $200,000 worth of ad time to beg for continuing their federal funding. Imagine that, they’re afraid they’re not going to… Continue Reading →

Non Graphic But Horrifying Pro-Life Ad

Defund. Planned Parenthood. Now. HT Jill Stanek

Liturgical Vigilantes

When one thinks of notorious vigilantes, several names and personality types come to mind. Perhaps Charles Bronson or Dirty Harry, or maybe even the Dark Knight, Batman. But personally, I have yet to run into tragic costumed figure or a… Continue Reading →

Brit Docs – Abortion is Safer Than Having a Baby

Culture of death, death of culture. Nothing makes the case better than the recommendation of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists that all pregnant women should be told that having an abortion is safer than having the baby. For… Continue Reading →

Wretches & Jabberers


ABC Pilot: “Good Christian B#tches”

A must watch for Christians is coming to television soon! Is there any doubt that with the title “Good Christian B#tches” that Christians all over America will be tuning in to really see themselves in this kind of art. Sometimes… Continue Reading →

Dear Mr. Boehner: We’re Not Here for Moral Victories

Marjorie Dannenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List along with a number of other leading pro-lifers like Lila Rose and Brian Burch of Catholic Vote just sent a public letter to Congressman John Boehner thanking him for all he’s done… Continue Reading →

Your Chance to Retitle the Pope’s Book

Dom Bettenelli tweeted something that got me thinking. I know that’s dangerous but I’m left alone a lot so it’s either do laundry or blog. Hmmmm…blogging wins. The Pope’s new book is going to be called something like “Jesus of… Continue Reading →

Just to Annoy Pat

Here’s CNN’s video of a 103 year old nun polka dancing on her birthday. I think this might annoy Pat. Not that Pat doesn’t like nuns and it’s certainly not that he doesn’t like the polka (who doesn’t?) but when… Continue Reading →

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