Dom Bettenelli tweeted something that got me thinking. I know that’s dangerous but I’m left alone a lot so it’s either do laundry or blog. Hmmmm…blogging wins.

The Pope’s new book is going to be called something like “Jesus of Nazareth 2.” And I’m like Yaaaaaaawn. Boooooooring. The Pope isn’t as hep as he used to be and I guess he doesn’t understand that sequels need exciting titles to make them marketable.

So I’m going to channel my inner Hollywood power player and help the Pope out. Benny baby, I’m here for ya’. In fact, not just me. I’m asking for all of us to use our collective intellect (which probably adds up to one very wise orangutan) to suggest some titles for the Pope’s new book. We need something that’ll fly off the shelves.

Dom suggested “Jesus of Nazareth 2: The Return of the King.”

I’m thinking:
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: This Time It’s Personal.”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: No More Cheek Turning.”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: Hard to Kill”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: “Don’t Cross him!”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: The Flight of Pontius Pilate.”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: Die Really Hard”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: Love in the time of Pharisees”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: I Know What You Did Last Passover”
“Jesus of Nazareth 2: Unbroken.”

The CMR Public Relations Agency (and Car Wash) is requesting your help too. Give us some suggestions to help the Pope out. The combox is yours.