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Month December 2013

Connecticut Orders all Insurance Companies to Cover Sex Change Operation

What a perfect way to kick off 2014, right. Christian News reports: The Connecticut Insurance Department has directed all insurance companies in the state to provide coverage for sex change operations, treatments and counseling, reports state. The Hartford Courant outlines… Continue Reading →

Beautiful. Christmas Hallelujah!

I absolutely stole this. To make it worse, I stole this from my boss at The National Catholic Register. Do you realize the absolute stupidity of stealing from your boss? But this is what I do for you. Dan Burke,… Continue Reading →

No More Mr. Nice Gay

As the year comes to a close it is natural to reflect upon the year and see if there are any lessons to be learned. Well it just so happens that this December provided us with a very valuable lesson,… Continue Reading →

Awful. MSNBC Makes Fun of Mitt Romney’s Black Grandchild

If MSNBC ever attempted to be this despicable again, they’d have a difficult time. Watch as a bunch of liberals chortle and mock Mitt Romney’s black grandson. Sickening. And racist. The sad thing here is that these shows don’t just… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood Releases Its Own Version of 12 Days of Christmas

How lovely. Celebrating the birth of Christ, the Planned Parenthood way. It seems that the abortion giant is afraid of actual people seeing this horrendous video so they pulled it. But BizPac review saw it and wrote about it: In… Continue Reading →

Sign of the Apocalypse. Miley and the Wise Latina to Appear on New Year’s Eve

This is America officially jumping the shark. For the televised New Year’s Eve celebration we’re going to see a performance by Miley Cyrus followed by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor pushing the button to drop the ball in Times Square… Continue Reading →

Great Christmas Vid: The Random Altruist

This is just wonderful. This man walks up to homeless and asks them what they want for Christmas. Then delivers. I think it’s the simple little things they wanted and clearly mean so much to them that moved me. Check… Continue Reading →

Money Bigger Than Christophobia -This Time

Welcome back Phil. By now you have hear that A&E caved and Phil is back. WHile the money is clearly an important and probably decisive reason for the reinstatement, I suspect that that the push back on religious liberty certainly… Continue Reading →

The Reason for the Season

That’s what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown. *subhead*The Gospel.*subhead*

What The Pope Doesn’t Know

I found this amazing. Somebody sent Father Z. a translation of an interview with Cardinal Meisner. In it, Cardinal Meisner relays how he directly asked the Pope about his teaching style using interview and short speeches with remarks that need… Continue Reading →

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