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Month December 2018

Astronauts Who Read Genesis to the World on Christmas Eve. And Got Sued.

This is one of the most beautiful and amazing videos I’ve ever seen. On Christmas Eve 1968, as they orbited the moon for the first time, astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and Bill Anders recited the first ten verses of… Continue Reading →

Vatican to Asia Bibi: You’re on Your Own

Questioned by journalists, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin confirmed that Asia Bibi and her family is on her own. He said, “It’s an internal question that regards Pakistan, I hope it will be resolved in the best ways… Continue Reading →

Some Say the Slaughter of the Innocents Never Happened

Some argue that the Slaughter of the Innocents never happened because the writers and historians of the day didn’t report it. Hmmm, I guess it’s hard to believe that babies would be killed in mass numbers and the reporters wouldn’t… Continue Reading →

God Created Them Man and Woman. The Church of England Knew Better

God created them man and woman. The Church of England knew better. Thomson Reuters: Transgender members of the 85-million-strong Anglican faith community will now have the support of the Church of England, after it released guidelines on Tuesday for ceremonies… Continue Reading →

Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh Betray Pro-Lifers. As Expected

Come on. Who didn’t see this coming? After all the push and fighting pro-lifers did to make sure Robert Kavanaugh took a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court, how could we not have expected to be betrayed as soon as… Continue Reading →

The Uncool Dad vs. Pet Day

My latest “Uncool Dad” video. This is the story about what I learned about parenting the day I brought a dead pet to school. The stories are always true and my kids draw the pictures. I hope you enjoy.

Should We Apologize to Aliens?

The Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched in 1972 and was designed to leave the solar system and, possibly, encounter other life forms. It carries a plaque showing a pair of human beings, a male and a female, as a way… Continue Reading →

CMR’s 8 Signs of the Apocalypse

8. Who could’ve possibly seen this coming…oh to heck with it. Charity concert at Cdl. Schönborn’s cathedral features shirtless actor dancing on Communion rail and dancers wearing demonic horns, according to Lifesitenews.com. It’s like a Satanic Rocky Horror Picture Show with… Continue Reading →

Actuating Schism Part V: The Hammer Drop

You can see all the previous parts to this series by clicking here. So finally we are here, the last post in this series (at least for now). In the previous installments, we reviewed the systematic abuse of power repeatedly… Continue Reading →

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