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So finally we are here, the last post in this series (at least for now). In the previous installments, we reviewed the systematic abuse of power repeatedly deployed to destroy pockets of resistance via the visitation process.  We have seen the synod process abused and twisted to serve the modernist aims of the cabal.  We have the nuclear force destruction to traditional Catholic monasticism that are the rule changes of VDQ and Cor Orans.  We have seen how the Bishops have had their long-standing authority to allow and invite catholic groups into their diocese removed and Rome exercising veto power, backed by realistic threat of summary dismissal with no due process via farcical visitation process for the made up crime of not getting along with your bishop’s conference.

We have seen all that, and now we have seen the Italian Bishops Conference (CEI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Francis, Inc.) make a direct attack on the legitimacy and authority of Summorum Ponitificum and its statement that the TLM was never abrogated and thus delegitimizing the individual right of priest to say the mass.

These are all facts.  These things have all happened.  They are beyond serious dispute.

Again, what follows is my, hopefully, informed speculation.  But based upon the pattern of evidence of how they have systematically destroyed the ability to lead an authentic traditional religious life within the rules and power structures of the Church.  While at the same time systematically and severely restricting the rights and ability of any individual bishop to act as a safe harbor.

I must conclude that the attack on Summorum Pontificum at CEI was a trial balloon telegraphing what is coming in the same way that Cardinal Kasper’s speech in early 2014 telegraphed the disaster to come on marriage that would manifest in the rigged synods and Amoris Laetitia. And I think I know why.  I suspect I know what they might intend.

Ok, you have done a lot of reading to get to this part.  Thank you.  So back to the original question and the title of this series, actuating schism. How do you make a defacto schism into a real one?  How do you get faithful traditional Catholics to be viewed as in schism?  Let’s first define it.

Schism is the refusal of submission to the Roman Pontiff or of communion with the members of the Church subject to him.

You cut off every possible way for traditional faithful Catholics to legitimately practice their faith without disobedience.

Based upon all the evidence and their way of operating.  Here is what I think might happen.

I think they will repeal Summorum Pontificum (specifically the individual right of priests to say the mass) while still allowing it under some super indult structure, a juiced up Ecclesia Dei.  I suspect the initial interest in bringing the SSPX back into the fold was that they could be the honey pot.  But since that didn’t work, I suspect the plan is only slightly modified.

They will move us back to the indult era and consolidate us into a few groups (FSSP, ICKSP, etc) and some grandfathered indult locations.  They will claim, and their lickspittle brethren in the mainstream Catholic media will gush, that this is not an anti-Traditional move.  “The Pope hasn’t done away with one single Traditional mass, this is about governance only.”

And when the dust settles, that is when the Pope will lower the boom.  No, he won’t ban the Traditional Latin Mass outright, I don’t think.  Too much blowback for that and there is a much easier way to achieve his aims.  The Pope will do something much worse than ban it.  He is going to change it.  He is going to change the 1962 missal.

The Pope will exercise his legitimate authority to aggiornomento the 1962 missal.  Perhaps he will replace the lectionary with the current 3 year one, changes some prayers, permit communion in the hand, or some other changes that will shock the consciences of traditional Catholics.  They will Vatican Two the TLM.  You can hear them now, “The Pope didn’t ban the Latin Mass, he just used his legitimate authority over the liturgy to make it more meaningful.”

So there you have it.  Any approved group that resists the changes or complains too loud gets the Apostolic Visitation and is squashed for refusal to submit to the Pontiff.   Any diocesan indult community that resists is squashed.  And any Catholic who thinks he can go underground and just have masses said in someone’s house?  Nope.  Individual priests no longer have the right to say the mass.  Do it and you have refused to submit to the authority of the Pope.  You are a schismatic.  So too any bishop.  You either accept the Vatican Two boot on your neck or you are a schismatic.

Any attempt to live an authentic traditional Catholic life, whether as a religious, or just attending the mass of the ages, will make you a schismatic by default.  Go SSPX, you are schismatic.  Go to an underground mass.  Schismatic.  Form a group of faithful under a traditional rule without permission of Rome, schismatic.  They will turn any and all attempts to live a traditional Catholic life into an act of disobedience.

And there it is.  This is how you make a defacto schism into a real one with the faithful Catholics on the outside looking in.  I know many of you will say that they can’t legitimately exercise their authority in this way or that, and you are right.  But it doesn’t matter.   The last 5 years prove that doesn’t matter.  Power is the only thing that matters. They have cut off every escape path and are driving us to the cliff, because that is where they want us.  Choose.  Obedience or your faith.