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Month January 2023

New Video Shows Teachers Indoctrinating Children on Gender.

Ugh. This is so ugly. When the kid calls out “non-binary” and all the teachers are loving it, I threw up in my mouth. Homeschool your kids https://t.co/ljHfXrdP1Q — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) January 24, 2023

Local Magistrate Warns that Homosexuality is Not a Crime. Oh, Actually It Was the Pope

The AP: Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality as “unjust,” saying God loves all his children just as they are and called on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ people into the church. “Being homosexual isn’t… Continue Reading →

Stunning New Project Veritas Video Shows Pfizer Exec Talking About Gain of Function

Say, isn’t this how this all started? To be fair, this Pfizer exec calls it “directed evolution” and not gain of function but it’s the same thing. They want to create the next virus so that they have the vaccine… Continue Reading →

Wow! Huge Moment in the Case Against Pro-Lifer Mark Houck.

My friend and pro-life champion Ted Meehan was inside the courthouse and detailed a pretty stunning moment in yesterday’s proceedings in the trial of Mark Houck, the pro-lifer who was arrested by a SWAT Team. You might recall that Houck… Continue Reading →

NYC Erects Satanic Looking Statue to Honor Abortion. Wait. What?

What in hell? It’s a golden statue standing in front of a New York City Courthouse of a woman with goat horns to honor abortion. Seriously. I’m being honest, if a Christian movie depicted a leftist city erecting such a… Continue Reading →

Marriage Declining Dangerously

U.S. marriage rates have been declining since the 1970s and are now at a historic low. Birth rates are also reduced, hitting a record low in 2020. After dismissing God from the idea of marriage and making it a mere… Continue Reading →

“Irrelevant.” Dems Response to Question About When a Baby Becomes Human.

If “when does a baby become human?” is an irrelevant question when considering abortion what else is there. At least when Barack Obama was asked this question he sidestepped with false humility by saying the answer to that question was… Continue Reading →

Finally! Two Abortion Activists Arrested for Vandalizing Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

So when this couple threatened pro-lifers by saying “We are everywhere” did that include jail? Because that’s where they might be going? Good to see that the justice department is capable of arresting non-pro-lifers. LifeNews.com: Two Florida residents were indicted… Continue Reading →

Jury Selection Begins in Pro-Lifers Mark Houck’s Case.

This is insane that this is even coming to trial. This is head on a pike politics at play. The message is “this is what we do to pro-lifers” in this country so beware. They’ll raid your home with drawn… Continue Reading →

“Mostly Peaceful” Returns

They’re just looking for justice, says the reporter with a flaming car and a smoke filled street in the background. I sometimes wish these people could see themselves as we see them. Frauds. Propagandists. Liars. Here we are back again… Continue Reading →

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