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Month January 2023

London School of Economics Drops “Christmas” and “Easter” Break for “Winter” and “Spring.”

To be clear, winter and spring breaks will still be scheduled around Christmas and Easter but we will no longer be able to call it that. So, once again, the plan is to deny reality. In recent years, that always… Continue Reading →

World Economic Forum Goes Full “Minority Report.”

Employees monitoring brain waves to see who’s working hard. Or how about bosses delivering “a little buzz” when your mind wanders. That’s seriously what they’re saying. Or how about detecting criminal behavior by checking your brain waves? We are not… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifer Mark Houck Found Not Guilty!

Ted Meehan reported in on Monday at 1:30pm Monday to say: “The only action in the Mark Houck trial has been that members of the jury are being brought individually into the Courtroom and are consulting with Judge Pappert (their… Continue Reading →

Pfizer Director Absolutely Loses His Mind When Confronted by Project Veritas.

Screaming. Pushing. Stealing the laptop and running. Police are called. It gets pretty crazy up in here. I posted the video yesterday where the Pfizer Director said Pfizer is mutating the virus to come up with a vaccine which is… Continue Reading →

Deborah Birx Openly Admits to Misleading Americans about the Vaxx

I don’t know how else you could take what she’s saying here, other than that she lied to the American people about the Covid vaccine so that they’d take it, even though she knew it wasn’t as effective as they… Continue Reading →

Mark Houck Testifies. He Should Be Exonerated Immediately.

The more I know about this case the more it’s clear this entire trial is a sham. Ted Meehan, a pro-life warrior who is attending the trial, wrote this update for us. “Mark Houck testified this morning. He asserted that… Continue Reading →

JK Rowling “Controversial” For Not Wanting Male Rapist in Women’s Prison.

Can we ever forgive JK Rowling? You’ve got to give the Harry Potter author credit for staying in the fight. She doesn’t have any back down in her. Just look at all the actors in the movies that she imagined… Continue Reading →

There is No Evidence Against Pro-Lifer Mark Houck

I heard once again from my inside man at the trial of Mark Houck. More good news. Ted Meehan writes: Today, “escort” Bruce Love testified. He asserted that he did not see Mark Houck or anyone else attempt to block… Continue Reading →

New Video Shows Teachers Indoctrinating Children on Gender.

Ugh. This is so ugly. When the kid calls out “non-binary” and all the teachers are loving it, I threw up in my mouth. Homeschool your kids https://t.co/ljHfXrdP1Q — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) January 24, 2023

Local Magistrate Warns that Homosexuality is Not a Crime. Oh, Actually It Was the Pope

The AP: Pope Francis criticized laws that criminalize homosexuality as “unjust,” saying God loves all his children just as they are and called on Catholic bishops who support the laws to welcome LGBTQ people into the church. “Being homosexual isn’t… Continue Reading →

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