I heard once again from my inside man at the trial of Mark Houck. More good news.

Ted Meehan writes:

Today, “escort” Bruce Love testified. He asserted that he did not see Mark Houck or anyone else attempt to block anyone from going into the Planned Parenthood clinic at 12th & Locust. He cited that he “could not recall” a number of assertions he had made to the FBI, or in Grand Jury testimony – such as, Mark Houck warning him to “stay away from (Houck) me, and stay away from my son. (sp)” He also corrected his earlier testimony that he had not approached Houck’s son “within 8 to 10 feet” acknowledging that video showed him within 3 feet.

A second escort Ellen Weiss contradicted Love by testifying that she heard Houck yelling to Love “something about his son”.

Thusfar, No FACE violation has been established against Mark Houck – but Bruce Love admitted to interfering with Mark and two ladies across 12th Street (a block from Planned Parenthood) by running in front of the Pro-Life Pregnancy Center because he “didn’t want those women to go into the other ‘clinic’ with Mark Houck.” The rest has been interesting, but there had been no effort to establish any FACE violation.

It appears this entire case is harassment against pro-lifers. The Process is the Punishment – and a vindictive DOJ is seeking revenge against Pro-Life activists over the Dobbs decision.

So I got ready to post that part when I received an update this morning from Ted.

“From this case, no one will remember that Mark was acquitted. They will remember that a 25 man FBI SWAT team – along with a dozen PA State Troopers – invaded his house before dawn, pointing guns at him and his family. They will remember that he endured an expensive trial – argued by high priced lawyers. That the DOJ sought 11 years in prison and $350k in fines.

The “process” is the “punishment”. If Pro-Lifers can be prosecuted with such totalitarian tactics, when the prosecutors make no effort to convict, the message has been sent. “You May survive. But you’ll be broke, and intimidated, and your family will be traumatized.”

I see no chance of conviction from anything in the trial so far. Tomorrow as the Defense starts it’s case, the norm is for counsel to request a dismissal because the prosecution has not met its burden of proof for any crime. If that happens, I could see Judge Pappert agreeing. The only reason he might not is the notoriety of the case. But in my opinion, there has been no evidence produced by the prosecution of any FACE VIOLATION.

Thank you to Ted and keep praying for Mark Houck and all the other pro-lifers who stand out there every day on the front line praying to God and reminding women that there’s another choice.

Thank you to Ted Meehan for keeping us all updated. God bless him and his work too.