Hey, in some other countries this young woman would be arrested for driving. So, there’s that. I do love how they give the cop a deep southern accent.

This is straight up propaganda. No element of truth to it. But scary enough to make an imprint on an intentionally uninformed electorate.

Soooooooo…I guess we see where this election is heading.

Gavin Newsom is running this ad. It’s aimed at a proposed bill in Alabama that would make it a crime for people who help minors get an abortion without informing a parent or guardian. Well, that’s a bit different because the ad makes it look like the young woman in question is with her mother. But I guess you’re supposed to be confused, huh?

The left is obsessed with loosening the ties of the family, even eradicating it altogether. Hey, remember, it takes a village, right?

Hey, one more thing? Since California is banning gas powered vehicles, shouldn’t this young woman be pulled over for not taking the bus? She should be pulled over for driving a gas guzzling car on a long trip. Shame on her. Arresting her for that in California would be truth in advertising.