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Month February 2009

Obama Doesn’t Do Conscience UPDATED!

I don’t have a lot of time to write right now but Obama did what we all knew he would do. He’s seeking to rescind the conscience clause which respects the conscience of pharmacists, nurses and doctors not to be… Continue Reading →

Is BSG Back? My Thoughts and Guesses.

We haven’t really discussed it here but many other bloggers have including some Catholic bloggers have. I will keep it spoiler free and vague. I think BSG is back! I must admit, even thought the content is sometimes inappropriate and… Continue Reading →

Charity is the New Smoking?

What manner of insanity has crept into our President’s mind? What sense outside of a Machiavellian power grab does President Obama’s consideration of cutting tax deductions for charitable donations make in a time of economic difficulty? In effect, Obama is… Continue Reading →

Bishop Puts Senator on Notice?

Bob Casey of Pennsylvania ran for Senator as a pro-life candidate; a fact which clearly made his defeat of pro-life Senator Rick Santorum more likely. But recently, many believe Senator Bob Casey has not lived up to the rhetoric of… Continue Reading →

CMR’s 8 Signs of Apocalypse (Vol II)

══ 1 ══ Things have gotten so bad that there is a guy who is eating bacon, and only bacon, for the entire month of February. At least I know that when the apocalypse comes, this is an option on… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – February 26, 2009

Won’t Work For Food- Want Stimulus—A CMR Political Cartoon Go to Hell…For Just $39.99—New video game allows players to visit Hell and there’ll be a Pope there to greet them. Traditional Anglican Communion Clarifies—Leader of the TAC tries to clarify… Continue Reading →

Won’t Work For Food – Want Stimulus

A CMR Political Cartoon

Go to Hell…For Just $39.99

In about one year slackers all over America aren’t going to hell in a handbasket. They’ll do it right from their beanbag chair in their mother’s basement. According to Wired: Electronic Arts’ upcoming game Dante’s Inferno is a riff on… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – February 25, 2009

Traditional Anglican Communion Clarifies—Leader of the TAC tries to clarify and qualify his previous statements. Caption Contest—Give this Joe Biden photo your best one liner! Most Difficult Job To Fill Is a Tie—Commerce Secretary and Al Qaeda #2 man. Fr…. Continue Reading →

Traditional Anglican Communion Clarifies

The following is from an interview of Archbishop Hepworth leader of the Traditional Anglican Communion responding to rumors generated by a previous interview in the Catholic Record [as reported here] several weeks ago. [Messenger Journal] “It is possible for a… Continue Reading →

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