Won’t Work For Food- Want Stimulus
—A CMR Political Cartoon

Go to Hell…For Just $39.99
—New video game allows players to visit Hell and there’ll be a Pope there to greet them.

Traditional Anglican Communion Clarifies
—Leader of the TAC tries to clarify and qualify his previous statements.

Caption Contest
—Give this Joe Biden photo your best one liner!

Most Difficult Job To Fill Is a Tie
—Commerce Secretary and Al Qaeda #2 man.

Fr. Barron on A-Rod
—Steriods, baseball and the “invasion of grace”

Obama’s State Of The Union: My Thoughts
—Let me be the first to recognize the historic nature of the lies he told.

Bomb Threat Over Priest Removal
—Maverick Priest: “We are a Vatican II community.”

Creative Minority Reader

Scariest Quote from the White House
—Human rights are on hold due to the crisis.

Curious Case of Lenten Blogger
—CMR will not be giving up blogging for Lent no matter how much you want us to.

Holocausts and holocausts
—There’s lunacy and then there’s blindness.

Where Have You Gone Atticus Finch?
—Hollywood no longer celebrates the American man.