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Month February 2022

Dems One Vote Away from Codifying Abortion Up Until Birth Nationwide.

Elections matter. They’re not fair. But they matter. The good news is that the pro-abortion left was defeated. The bad news is that they were one vote away from winning. LifeNews.com: Senate Republicans, with the help of Democrat Senator Joe… Continue Reading →

Happy Hour 2-28-2022

Sorry this one’s so late. Life gets in the way. Wait! Her what? I think this one fits the moment. Do we at least get to say “I told you so?”

Masks Off Just in Time for State of the Union Speech. No Political Theater Here.

The Daily Caller reports that “The United States Capitol attending physician Dr. Brian P. Monahan said Sunday that masks will not be required inside the Capitol beginning Monday, just one day before President Joe Biden is set to deliver his… Continue Reading →

Oh my! Soft Canadians Talk of PTSD from Trucker Convoy and Hearing “Phantom Honking.”

The people of Ukraine are fighting for their lives from the Russian Army but the people of Ottawa had to listen to trucks honking their horns and it’s like totally debilitating guys. The CBC reports: Kevin uses one word to… Continue Reading →


The world’s on fire and these guys are virtue signaling.

Texas governor calls on citizens to report parents of transgender kids for abuse

To be fair, shouldn’t everyone report child abuse? Well, Hollywood doesn’t think so. We’ve got all sorts of celebrities tweeting out their horror and outrage that the governor of Texas is preventing adults from putting children on hormone blockers that… Continue Reading →

She’s No Centrist. Biden’s Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson Is as Radical as You Get.

The media is already painting Ketanji Brown Jackson as apolitical and/or a centrist. Don’t believe it for a second. I know you didn’t but she’s up to her eyeball in NARAL and she’s made insanely partisan decisions from the bench…. Continue Reading →

CAUGHT: Woke Teacher Wants Christians To Die of COVID

It’s a little hard to hear because they’re speaking over one another but by the third time I heard it plain. “They need to die.” The funny thing is that none of the other teachers or administrators even react. They… Continue Reading →

Maybe You Can Explain to the Ukranians Just How Mean the Tweets Were.

What’s going on in the Ukraine didn’t have to happen. The left and the Never Trumpers conspired to get rid of Trump and accused him of being a Putin stooge. Does this sound like a Putin stooge or does this… Continue Reading →

Wait. Are You Serious?

We are an unserious people in a serious time. Bombs are falling from the sky…but let’s talk more about Covid!!! Next level. Lot of people in Ukraine crowding together inside. Only 35% of Ukrainians have been vaccinated. Less than 2%… Continue Reading →

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