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Month May 2020

Roberts Does It Again

I’ve always assumed that Chief Justice John Roberts didn’t have a spine but maybe he does. Maybe he’s just actually on the other side on all these issues. Really it doesn’t matter. Whether you side with those who seek to… Continue Reading →

The Broken Down Van in Quarantine

I was driving down the road with my daughter today. She got her braces off! The appointment kept getting cancelled due to the quarantine so she was very very excited to finally get her braces off. So we’re on our… Continue Reading →

Theistic Evolutionist’s Creed

Theistic Evolutionist’s Creed: I believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of a process that is seemingly incapable of producing man, or any complex life forms, without His constant intervention.  I believe God created not a perfect world,… Continue Reading →

Subverting Prayer with Bodily Action and Mental Traction. A Satire

This piece was written in response to a recent article at One Peter Five. It was submitted under the nom de plume Charles Branson. It is a satire on a recent article by Dr. Carol Byrne, taking her premises to… Continue Reading →

US birth rate hits 35-year low. Um. Get Back to Me in 9 Months

What’s the opposite of a baby boom? B Birth Dearth? The number of children born in the United States has hit its lowest level in 35 years, according to new federal data, as demographers worry that a baby bust that… Continue Reading →

“Death Angel” Drummer Awakes from Coma, Says Satan is a Douche

Ah. Wisdom from the mouths of a satanic metal drummer. So this guy got the rona and went into a coma for two weeks. He believed he went to Hell and came out of it pretty pissed at Satan. Datebook:… Continue Reading →

Judge: Don’t Call Male Athletes “Male.” Because SCIENCE!!!

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m a little confused as to what people mean by “science” these days. You lost me when we were supposed to pretend “potential human” was a scientific designation. Science was never my strong suit but I… Continue Reading →

PA Health Secretary Moved Mother Out of Nursing Home While Mandating Covid Patients Into Nursing Homes

This is sickening. Typical. But sickening. The Daily Caller: Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine’s mother moved out of a personal care home with the health secretary’s help, after Levine ordered all nursing homes and long-term facilities in the state to… Continue Reading →

2020: The No Good Horrible Very Bad Year

For so many years brilliant philosophers, cult leaders, and cryptozoologists have speculated about how the world would end. So far, none of them have even guessed even 40% of the vomitous events that’ve gone down in 2020. So yeah, 2020… Continue Reading →

Eeeevil Nuns Who Refuse to Kill Must be Forced to Kill…Because They’re Evil

Just when you thought it was safe for nuns to not pay for abortifacients. This morning, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Little Sisters of the Poor Saints Peter and Paul Home v. Pennsylvania. “In the case,… Continue Reading →

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