Theistic Evolutionist’s Creed:

I believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of a process that is seemingly incapable of producing man, or any complex life forms, without His constant intervention. 
I believe God created not a perfect world, but a world full of death and decay for billions of years to act as His creative process. What could be more perfect?
I believe in a 100 yr old 7th grade textbook version of evolution, that is no longer believed by any of the leading evolutionary biologists, but is proven by “science” or something.
He made and killed off thousands of intermediate forms including some soulless very human-like creatures even before the fall, if there was a fall, since death and decay already existed for billions of years.
He then made a pair of ensouled humans born into a family of soulless humanoids.
All men are descended from this pair of ensouled humans and we don’t know what God did with the almost genetically identical but soulless humanoids, I guess God killed them too.
I believe God did all these things and then told us about it in infallible scripture via some theological poetry, strangely written exclusively in narrative form, that tells a completely different story.
I believe that story was misunderstood as actual history by Jesus, the Fathers and Doctors for 1900 years.  We only understand it now because some people who hate Christ helped us finally understand it better.
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